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Resident Dr. Anthony Truong With PatientThe goal of the Mary Free Bed Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Program is to provide a comprehensive, well-rounded experience for the physician interested in becoming a board-certified physiatrist. This training will encompass a wide variety of clinical, educational and research opportunities in all areas of PM&R. Upon completion of the residency training program, the physician will feel comfortable pursuing a career in any area the field of physiatry represents.

The residency training program is structured to offer four advanced (PGY-2) positions per year.

Clinical curriculum
Rotations are on-site in our 167-bed hospital, as well as Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Hospital, Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Metro Health/University of Michigan Health and Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. Residents typically work one-on-one with an attending during all rotations.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • PGY2
    • Inpatient (9.5 blocks): General Inpatient, Stroke/Amputee, Medically Complex, Spinal Cord Injury, Brain Injury, Neurology
    • Outpatient (3.5 blocks): General Outpatient, Non-interventional Spine/Musculoskeletal, Neurology, Chronic Pain
  • PGY3
    • Inpatient (4 blocks): Cancer Rehabilitation, Pediatrics, Medically Complex
    • Outpatient (5 blocks): General Outpatient, Pediatrics, Orthotics & Prosthetics, Sports Medicine
    • Other (4 blocks): Consults, Interventional Spine/EMG, two electives
  • PGY4
    • Inpatient (2 blocks): Spinal Cord Injury, Senior Teaching Inpatient
    • Outpatient (3 blocks): Orthotics & Prosthetics, Sports Medicine, Non-interventional Spine/Musculoskeletal
    • Other (8 blocks): Consults, Senior EMG, three-four additional electives

Electives must be related to the field of PM&R. Those available include:

  • Wound Care
  • Neurosurgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Rheumatology
  • Sub-Acute Rehabilitation
  • Neuromuscular and Outpatient Neurology
  • Palliative Care
  • Musculoskeletal and Neuro Radiology
  • Pediatric outpatient clinics, such as orthopedic surgery, neurology
  • Research

During training, residents take part in a resident clinic one afternoon per week over the course of one year. Our residents also are expected to present a Grand Rounds three times during the residency program (one presentation per year). Residents also present for journal club once per year.