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Dr. Ben Bruinsma, medical director of our Amputation Program, wants you and your family to know what to expect when you come to Mary Free Bed for rehabilitation.

“In this entire process, you will not be alone,” he said. “You’ll have a team of specialists that will help you get through this amputation and lead a fulfilling and rewarding life.”

Intense rehabilitation in an optimistic and supportive environment can help get you back to enjoying your life and independence. Last year, Mary Free Bed served nearly 100 patients in the inpatient programs located in nine Michigan hospitals where Mary Free Bed manages rehabilitation programs. At our Grand Rapids campus, 87.5% of patients returned home or to a homelike setting, surpassing the national average. Patients also surpassed the national average for the amount of functional improvement. And patient satisfaction was in the 94th percentile. Click here for outcomes information.

The Amputation Program Team at Mary Free Bed specializes in helping people who’ve had surgeries similar to yours. These experts teach you how to care for yourself and your residual limb, and help you to learn new ways to accomplish daily activities.

You’ll participate in about three hours of daily therapy at least six days a week. Your team will create a personalized care plan based on your goals. You can expect:

  • Strength training with your physical therapists in a specialized gym located near your room
  • Training with your occupational therapists on new ways to perform self-care and household tasks from the level of a wheelchair or a walker
  • Therapy sessions in an “apartment” where you’ll practice activities such as making a meal or laundry
  • Planning sessions with your recreational therapists about how to keep doing the leisure activities you love

Your team also will provide instruction and physical therapy so you can safely and successfully use a prosthetic device, if you and your team decide a prosthesis will help you to meet your goals. We also invite your physicians to continue participating in your care at Mary Free Bed.

Your private room will be quiet but cheerful, with features like a spacious bathroom, a 42-inch flat panel TV, a large window and a wall-sized West Michigan nature scene. We’ve made it pleasant for your family to spend time with you while you’re here, whether they live nearby or have traveled from out of town. You’ll have a sleeper sofa in your room and there is no cost to use the washers and dryers located down the hall. Click to see 360-degree virtual tours of our campus.

Our downtown campus has multiple “destination locations” where you can enjoy a peaceful moment or gather with friends and family. This includes indoor spots such as the double-sided fireplace in our dayroom and glassed-in seating nooks, and outdoor spaces such as the rooftop terrace and therapy garden.

Outpatient programs and follow-up physician care in our clinic services is available when you graduate from inpatient care, and our Orthotics & Prosthetics + Bionics specialists and services are here to serve you as long as you need them.

Why Mary Free Bed?

You have the right to choose where you receive rehabilitation services following an amputation. Why “Ask for Mary?”

Our experts have access to the latest technology and tools, including some we can begin using while you’re still in the acute care hospital. Ceiling-mounted ambulation systems allow you to practice walking without fear, and warm-water therapy pools provide a safe space to try activities that may not yet be possible on dry land. We also have the Motion Analysis Laboratory which will help us to study the way you walk and work with you to improve it.

Your physical recovery isn’t our only focus. Care managers and psychologists are available to support both you and your family. No one understands your situation better than someone who has had an amputation. Our Amputee Mentor Program matches you with other amputees who can share their personal experiences and insights.

The Great Lakes Amputee Network is Mary Free Bed’s support group for those affected by limb loss. The group meets monthly to discuss topics related to quality of life and peer support. They also host fun group outings such as kayaking and bowling. Patients tell us this mentoring and peer support has a positive impact on their lives well beyond the time they spend here as patients.

Ask for a referral or call us directly: 616.840.8790

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