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Mary Free Bed Guild members install this year's art show.

Artwork by Ben Dykhouse

Artwork by Ben Dykhouse

Artwork by Wesley DeVries

Artwork of Sue Symanski

Artwork by Steve Scarborough

Artwork by Sheryl Budnick

Artwork by Reyna Garcia

Artwork by Phillip Siegel

Artwork by Patty Hoffman

Artwork by Marie Bennett

Artwork by Loretta K. Rolison

Artwork by featured artist Jodie Dilno

Artwork by featured artist Jodie Dilno

Artwork by featured artist Jodie Dilno

Artwork by George Postmus

Artwork by David Thinger

Artwork by Dana Charney

Artwork by Chris Schmidt

Artwork by Cheryl Mikowski

Artwork by Beth Koenigsknecht

Dozens of works of art by artists with disabilities are showcased in the Mary Free Bed Fine Arts Exhibition sponsored annually by the Mary Free Bed Guild.

The event is an extension of Mary Free Bed’s efforts to incorporate art into the inpatient and outpatient environments throughout campus to help with the healing process. Several works are by former patients and West Michigan residents with disabilities who participated in the exhibition.

The Guild purchases selected works each year for permanent display on campus. The remaining works may be available for sale at the discretion of the artists.

This year, the 38th annual event will be held May 1-June 15 in the hospital’s main lobby for patients and their visitors. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there are no public viewing hours this year.

The featured artist is Jodie Dilno of Hastings.