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Join the Movement & support Mary Free Bed’s expansion & renovation

Mary Free Bed officials and community leaders/philanthropists joined together on Tuesday, Aug. 4, to announce the launch of the public phase of a capital campaign to support a $66.4 million expansion and renovation project. The project will provide leading-edge rehabilitation care and services to the West Michigan community and well beyond. Read more about Tuesday’s press conference…
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‘Music is medicine’ at mini music fest for patients [Video]

Creativity, teamwork and initiative recently helped a music-loving patient experience a bit of the summer festival life she’s been missing while at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. When Physical Therapy Assistant Diane Capen discovered that inpatient Angelique Scott was bummed about not being able to attend live musical performances this summer, Diane asked her daughter…
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Meet Our Psychologists

Looking for information about the Postdoctoral Residency at Mary Free Bed? Click here.  Below is information about the psychologists at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. Elizabeth Blackbird, PsyD, ABPP(RP) Dr. Blackbird, who joined Mary Free Bed in 2001, is board-certified in rehabilitation psychology. She is a member of Division 22 of the American Psychological Association….
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The Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, a nonprofit in Grand Rapids, restores hope and freedom through rehabilitation for people who are at some of the lowest points of their lives. Through expert knowledge and compassionate care, Mary Free Bed strengthens the mind, trains the body and inspires hope in patients and families. The Mary Free…
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Site Terms & Conditions

Comments on Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital-sponsored sites (“Sites”), such as its blog, website online feedback form, or social media sites, including Facebook and YouTube, are welcome and encouraged, and we look forward to hearing from you. Please Be Respectful To promote respectful discussion on any of these forums, please be courteous and productive and…
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John F. Butzer Center for Research & Innovation

When Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital medical staff conducts research, it’s not only for the future benefit of science and medicine. Our staff is dedicated to enhancing patient treatment and services. The research efforts of our doctors, therapists and nurses often lead to discoveries with a timely and positive impact for our patients. Research is…
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Mary Free Bed YMCA

The Mary Free Bed YMCA offers a host of opportunities for you to play and exercise with your friends and family. This facility is the first building in the world to receive Global Universal Design Certification from the Global Universal Design Commission. It serves as a global model for inclusion and accessibility for people of all abilities….
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Scope of Services

Consider us your one-stop rehabilitation resource for acute, sub-acute and outpatient treatment and home and community services.     We’re available for a short course of treatment or a lifetime of care. Below is an overview of the services we provide.

Quick Facts for the Media

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital exists to restore independence, hope and freedom through rehabilitation to people with disabilities. Mary Free Bed was established in 1891 by the Mary Free Bed Guild of Grand Rapids. The hospital is located in downtown Grand Rapids with a growing rehabilitation network that reaches throughout Michigan. Media Inquiries All media interviews…
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