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Chris Winther’s Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Story

Guest blog by former Mary Free Bed patient Chris Winther Jr.

Chris Winther, former Mary Free Bed patient

I arrived at Mary Free Bed late on a Friday afternoon after a two-week stay in the hospital for a below-knee amputation. Admittedly, I was very afraid, not only because the amputation had just taken place, but also because the future meant I had to relearn everyday activities like walking, working, driving, etc. From the minute I arrived, I was welcomed by the nursing staff, who got me settled comfortably in my room.

During the next couple of hours, I was greeted by a person from each of the different departments that would be helping me; from the nurses, doctors, therapists, aides, kitchen staff, prosthetics, orthopedics and other departments. They all explained thoroughly what how intentions and procedures would specifically help me begin my new adventure. They made my experience at Mary Free Bed as comfortable as they could. They knew how to work as a team to help me succeed. Life has gotten easier through the years, especially with their continued help, but during those first two weeks of inpatient care, the Mary Free Bed team helped me both physically and mentally to keep moving forward.

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