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Hairstylists Volunteer Talents

Over the past 6 months Mary Free Bed has been lucky enough to have a team of  hairstylists come in on a rotating basis to volunteer their time and talents to patients. They do a fantastic job at both hair and lifting the spirits of patients.

“My daughter was in therapy at MFB when she was a baby and I saw firsthand the amazing work they do and I want to do my part to give back to the hospital. Also, I think it is important to look beyond yourself and help others. “

 —Cindy Ludwick, Hairstylist

Just seeing the smiles on faces of those people being ‘treated’ with a fresh haircut & styling is personal satisfaction for me!  Pampering is great ‘physical’ therapy!”

—Sharon Richards, Transportation Coordinator

“I love helping all the patients to feel beautiful and supporting them through hard times.”

—Lynn Wysocki, Hairstylist


This is just one example of the many wonderful volunteers who give their time and keep things running smoothly at Mary Free Bed. If you are interested in volunteering please visit our website for information and ideas about how you can help.

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