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Happy Nurses Week 2015

NurseWeek_2015This week, we say ‘thank you’ to the nurses who provide such excellent care for the patients at Mary Free Bed. The following Top 5 list was created by our nursing management staff and it speaks volumes to the culture at our hospital.

Nursing_week2015Why Mary Free Bed nurses are the best:

1. They are the most caring group of nurses ever!

2. They put their patients first and keep their well-being continually at the forefront.

3. They work together to make work fun and rewarding.

4. They live our mission of restoring Hope and Freedom through Rehabilitation each day.

5. They support each other and the whole team through the incredible changes and demands of health care maintaining their giving spirits.

One Comment

David Robrahn

The nurses made my stay like a warm fuzzy hug and inspired me to become a volunteer. Thanks to all, also the NT’s.


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