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Matthew finds hope with Kalamazoo’s Pain Rehabilitation program: ‘Know pain, know gain’

It had been 18 months since truck driver Matthew Watson was seriously injured in a horrific crash in Ohio, miles from his Allegan, Michigan home. He sustained multiple injuries, including to his brain and spinal cord. Following surgery and a lengthy hospital stay in Toledo, Matthew returned home and began months of physical therapy. But he wasn’t feeling better.

“Nothing was really changing,” he said. “I didn’t feel that I was where I needed to be or could be.”

So, Matthew, 33, called his doctor and requested a referral to Mary Free Bed. He began the Pain Rehabilitation Program at Mary Free Bed’s Kalamazoo Southwest location on Oct. 4.

“It’s night and day difference,” he said. “I told my physical therapist ‘no pain, no gain,’ and she took a sticky note and wrote ‘know pain, know gain’ … It makes sense.”

In this video, Matthew and Dr. Stacey Watson, who oversees his rehabilitation, share how the program is helping him get back to doing the things he enjoys.

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