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Medical Elective RotationsWelcome to Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital’s online resource for medical elective rotations.

We invite third- and fourth-year medical students to explore career opportunities within the fast-growing specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation. Mary Free Bed offers a four-week elective rotation encompassing both inpatient and outpatient experiences.

Students will be exposed to the nuances of rehabilitative care and Mary Free Bed’s broad range of specialty services. We provide experience in all clinical areas, including spine and musculoskeletal care, spinal cord injury rehabilitation, brain injury rehabilitation and pediatric rehabilitation. Other programs include cancer rehabilitation, care for amputees, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and spasticity management.

Two medical students are accepted per four-week block:

Block 1                  June 28-July 23

Block 2                  July 26-Aug. 20

Block 3                  Aug. 23-Sept. 17

Block 4                  Sept. 20-Oct. 15

Block 5                  Oct. 18-Nov. 12

Block 6                  Nov. 15-Dec. 10

Block 7                  Dec. 13-Jan. 7

Block 8                  Jan. 10-Feb. 4

Block 9                  Feb. 7-March 4

Block 10                March 7-April 1

Block 11                April 4-April 29

Block 12                May 2-27

Block 13                May 30-June 24

Medical students: Click here to apply for an elective rotation through Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS).

International students interested in this elective rotation should complete this application form and return it to Bonita Pawloski, director of Education, by emailing bonita.pawloski@maryfreebed.com.

Additional requests for shorter-duration shadowing experiences are subject to availability and limited to three student matches per schedule block. Spots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact Bonita Pawloski at bonita.pawloski@maryfreebed.com.

Following is information to help you prepare for clinical rotation at Mary Free Bed, including the documents and forms you must submit prior to your start date.

Please carefully review all sections and associated downloadable PDFs.

Preparing for Clinical Rotation (Residents)

You must complete the following documents and email to Lisa.Vincent@maryfreebed.com  or fax to 616.840.9665 at least three weeks prior to the start of your clinical rotation:

Student/Resident Information Form
Confidentiality Statement
Parking and ID Badge Form
Standards of Behavior
AIDET Student Form
Medical Student/Resident Orientation Verification

Please contact Lisa Vincent with questions or concerns relating to this process. Lisa.Vincent@maryfreebed.com

Preparing for Clinical Rotation (Medical Students and Visiting Residents)

In preparation for your clinical rotation you must complete the onboarding process at least three weeks prior to your start date. Use the following link to access the student onboarding website.

Please email medical.education@maryfreebed.com with questions or concerns relating to this process.

Organizational Standards, Policies and Codes of Practice

Please review the following in preparation for your clinical rotation. You are expected to understand and adhere to these policies and organizational standards:

• Organizational Service Standards
• Code of Conduct
• Code of Ethical Behavior
• HIPAA Regulations
Patient Rights & Responsibilities

In addition, you may wish to review Outpatient Therapy Center policies, procedures and educational opportunities.

How to Find Mary Free Bed & Where to Park

Plenty of free parking is available for students and instructors on Logan Street between Lafayette and Jefferson avenues. Free parking also is available on the west side of Jefferson Avenue across from the Cass Lot.

Name Badge

Please bring with you the name badge provided by your academic institution. You’ll also be provided with a Mary Free Bed identification badge that must be returned to your clinical supervisor on your final day.

In the Event of a Health Emergency

We will follow our hospital emergency procedures if a student is in need of medical attention for any type of injury or health emergency during working hours. We do this just as we would for any employee, patient or visitor.

In such a case, the on duty nursing supervisor will be called immediately to determine the appropriate intervention. This could include an emergency room visit, a physician’s care, the student being sent home or continuing to work. Our Infection Control Coordinator is available in such circumstances to determine if there are risks related to communicable or infectious disease. Students are responsible for any subsequent medical costs.

Dining Options & Meals

You may purchase snacks and meals in the Urban Platter cafeteria on the first floor of Mercy Health Saint Mary’s, adjacent to Mary Free Bed. The Urban Platter is open 6:30 am – 7:30 pm and 11 pm to 1 am, 7 days a week.

You may also bring your own meals. Designated refrigerators and microwaves are available in the inpatient and outpatient therapy areas. You may eat in the cafeteria or one of the many “off-stage” areas available to you, such as the staff lounges.