Mary Free Bed first-time patient informationAs a first-time patient, you likely have many questions about what to expect during an inpatient stay at Mary Free Bed. Our inpatient program pages seek to answer many of those questions specific to your specialized care. Below is additional information to help you better plan for your inpatient rehabilitation care. We are always happy to answer additional questions or concerns you may have.

Daily Schedule

Your day at Mary Free Bed typically will begin between 7-9 am with breakfast. You’ll also get dressed and ready for the day during this time. If this task is too difficult, your nurse or therapist will assist you in getting dressed. Dressing (and daily grooming activities) will become part of your therapy as you gain independence.

During the evening, you may have therapeutic recreation outings or dinners and visits with family members and friends.

Family Involvement

Members of your family, or others who will help with your care when you leave Mary Free Bed, are encouraged to take part in your therapy sessions whenever possible.


Your meals are delivered to your room three times a day. In most cases, you’ll receive a personalized menu so you can select your foods in advance. This includes a list of alternative foods that are available to meet your individual taste.

Once you’re settled at Mary Free Bed, dining may also be available in Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Cafeteria. The availability of this service depends on your diet prescription and must be approved by your physician. This is available for dinner only, Monday through Friday, and lunch and dinner for Saturday and Sunday. These meals must be ordered in advance and coordinated with nursing and nutrition staff.

Therapeutic Pass

It can be very therapeutic for you to spend time away from the hospital. This may occur through therapeutic outings with recreational or occupational therapy.

Therapy Sessions

Your Mary Free Bed therapy sessions may take place at the bedside, in the therapy gym or outdoors – it all depends on what’s best for your rehabilitation. For most patients, therapy occurs five to seven days a week, including most holidays. After your morning therapy there will be a break for lunch. Therapy sessions will continue in the afternoon. You can expect a total of three hours of therapy spread throughout each day. The amount of therapy you receive and the intensity depend on your individual circumstances.

What to Pack for Your Stay

Below are some items we recommend you bring for your inpatient stay at Mary Free Bed:

• Four-five outfits of loose-fitting clothing that are easy to get on, modest and allow for free movement as you exercise. Good examples include T-shirts with easy necklines or button-up shirts, sweatpants or elastic-waist pants or shorts
• Tennis shoes or comfortable walking shoes that tie or have Velcro fasteners
• Socks and underwear
• Seasonal jacket or coat
• Sweater or sweatshirt
• Pajamas (hospital gowns are also available)
• Personal items such as hairbrush, blow dryer, hair products, makeup and electric shaver

Our Policy for Valuables

We cannot be responsible for personal items. Leave or send valuables, such as jewelry or money, home with family members. A nurse can temporarily store them in our safe until your family arrives.