When you go to a hospital or doctor, notes are made of your visit, your health and your care plans. These notes are used to ensure excellent care and treatment and to make sure other concerns, like payment, are taken care of.

We may give your health information to:

  • Other doctors, nurses, family members, your minister and others who take care of you
  • Your insurance company so that they can pay for your care
  • Other employees who make sure that the hospital staff take good care of you

Sometimes, we may give your information to others, but you decide if it is OK to do this. For example:

  • The hospital may call you about an appointment or to tell you about your care
  • We may list your name and other information on our patient list for when your family, friends, or minister visit or call you at the hospital
  • We might be teaching or conducting research at Mary Free Bed

Sometimes, we have to give out your information because of laws. For example:

  • If health officials need to know to keep you or others safe and healthy
  • If a court of law requires it
  • If the U.S. or another country’s armed forces require it
  • If an agency that reviews health care requires it

If we have to give your health information to anyone else, we will ask you first. If you agree, you can still change your mind later for any future use.

Your health record belongs to the hospital. Information about you in your record belongs to you. Mary Free Bed tries to give out as little of your health information as possible. You can ask to limit this information. You can also add to your health record and ask for changes in your record. You can ask for a list of people who got your health information, if it was not for your care, payments, or hospital business.

If you think that we have not kept your health information private, you can let us know. You can also contact a government office and we will give you that address.