The Mary Free Bed Guild Residency in Pediatric Physical Therapy is designed to provide specialization for clinicians through a variety of avenues, including clinical practice, intensive clinical mentoring, didactic learning experiences and teaching opportunities in each specialty area.

Please provide the following documents:

1. Official Transcript

2. Resume
• Objective
• Education, including current enrollment in electives
• Clinical experience
• Research experience
• Professional development
• Volunteer experience/community involvement
• Honors
• Employment history
• References

3. Applicant Statement (1-2 pages in length)
• Professional goals for one and five years
• Qualifications
• How this residency experience will influence your career

4. Research Statement
Please ask a faculty member to address your qualifications and accomplishments in research, scientific inquiry and writing.

5. ACCE Statement
Please ask your program’s Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education (ACCE) to address your clinical skills and past clinical performance.

6. Faculty/Clinician Statement
Please ask a faculty member or clinician to address:
• Qualifications
• Communication skills
• Psychosocial and physiological stability
• Commitment to a career promoting integration of practice, research and scholarly inquiry in pediatric physical therapy