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Are you or a loved one experiencing the side effects of COVID-19? Mary Free Bed’s multifaceted inpatient ReCOVery℠ Program is specifically designed for COVID-19 rehabilitation following hospitalization. We’ll help you regain strength and confidence so you can safely return home.

Rehabilitation is provided by a specially trained team utilizing the latest COVID-19 research and treatment:
• Physicians who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation
• Occupational therapists
• Physical therapists
• Speech-language pathologists
• Respiratory therapists
• Pain specialists
• Psychologists
• Nutritionists

If you need intensive rehabilitation but still test positive for COVID-19, we have a dedicated unit at our main campus in Grand Rapids. Team members focus on:
• Cognition
• Deconditioning
• Respiratory function
• Stroke/Neurologic injuries
• Other conditions associated with the virus

Patients see board-certified rehabilitation physicians daily and receive a minimum of three hours of customized daily therapy at least five days a week. Respiratory therapists are available 24/7, and psychological services also are offered.