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Brain Injury & Post Concussion

It’s not unusual to need follow-up care after a brain injury. A brain injury may be traumatic or non-traumatic and classified as mild (concussion), moderate or severe. Ongoing and specialized therapy helps support your recovery. Our Outpatient Brain Injury and Concussion Programs offer healing environments and comprehensive services to promote your rehabilitation goals, whether you are in the recovery phase of a concussion or seeking ongoing care after a traumatic brain injury.

Your treatment team considers your health, lifestyle, goals and other personal factors to develop a care plan. This personalized, holistic approach addresses your mental, physical, emotional and social well-being through therapy, medication and counseling as needed.

About the Brain Injury Clinic

Our Brain Injury Clinic in the Outpatient Therapy Center offers you a range of therapy services, technology and treatments, whether you’re a “graduate” of our inpatient Brain Injury Program, or you were referred by another physician for outpatient treatment. A thorough evaluation allows us to create a therapy plan to best meet your needs. The length of treatment can vary from a few sessions to several months.

Depending on your needs, your treatment team can be led by a physiatrist (physician specializing in rehabilitation) and may include physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language therapists, neuropsychologists, recreational therapists or care managers. Your team will make recommendations about the therapies and services best suited to maximize your abilities and support your goals. If needed, our therapists can provide home, school and workplace evaluations.

Some of the on-site services we offer at our Grand Rapids hospital include:

Biofeedback Lab
Driver Rehabilitation
Motion Analysis Center
Orthotics & Prosthetics + Bionics
Return to Work Program
• Swallow Studies
Voice rehabilitation
Wheelchair & Adaptive Sports

There are multiple therapy gyms and individual treatment spaces available to you and your therapy team, as well as a heated therapy pool. We also offer a simulated apartment and streetscape where you can practice daily living skills, like grocery shopping, cooking and getting into and out of a car.

Our unique indoor and outdoor environments allow you to safely practice navigating a variety of surfaces and obstacles, such as curbs, stairs, ramps and uneven surfaces.

You’ll need a physician’s prescription for evaluation and treatment. We’ll contact you to schedule the initial therapy evaluations once we receive a prescription and verify your insurance details. You must be able to tolerate treatment and have transportation to the outpatient facility. Our outpatient schedulers can provide information on possible community transportation resources.

About the Post-Concussion Program

A concussion is a brain injury that requires prompt, specialized medical attention. The sooner you receive rehabilitation therapy, the better the potential outcome. Our Post-Concussion Program offers outpatient care to help you get back to your previous level of independence in all areas of your life, including school, work, recreational activities and in the community.

Our services may be appropriate you’re experienced lingering changes in your emotions, behavior, thought processes and/or movement after a concussion caused by such things as a:

• Fall (including a slip and fall or trip and fall accident)
• Car accident
• Sports-related injury
• Workplace accident
• Recreational accident
• Any other incident resulting in mild head trauma

Your initial assessment is conducted by a physiatrist (physician specializing in rehabilitation) and a neuropsychologist who have years of experience evaluating and treating post-concussion syndrome. They use this information to create your individualized treatment plan.

Your treatment team coordinates to recommend services and therapies best suited to your injury, needs and goals. Treatment may include physical, occupational and speech-language therapy. Depending on your needs, you may also work with a care manager and psychologist. If returning to work is a concern, we may coordinate consultations with a vocational expert. A variety of on-site services are available, from our Driver Rehabilitation Program, to swallow studies and more.

If your injury occurred during a sports or recreational activity, you may be recommended for a specialized sports-concussion evaluation. This evaluation helps to educate patients, families, coaches and athletic trainers about the medical aspects of concussion, but also includes specific recommendations for your safe return to sporting activity. (Read more about our Sports Concussion Program.)

Education is important in how we treat post-concussion syndrome. Concussion often results in subtle disability, which can be difficult to define or understand. Our team focuses on education to help you acknowledge challenges, identify specific rehabilitation needs and understand recovery patterns. We are also happy to offer education to your family, athletic trainers, coaches, teachers, and employers.


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