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Below are questions we hear from patients and their families who are interested in learning more about our neuropsychology services.

How long will the evaluation take and who should attend?

Plan on the evaluation taking a full morning and most of the afternoon. A typical evaluation is at least 6 hours. The neuropsychologist may find it helpful to talk to your spouse or adult children as part of the evaluation process. This will only be done with your permission.

If the evaluation is for your child, the length may vary depending on the child’s specific needs. For children under the age of 18, a custodial parent is required to sign forms and participate in part of the interview. The parent, or an adult designee, should stay on the premises while the child is being evaluated.

No one other than the patient and the psychologist will be allowed in the room during the formal testing. Exceptions may be made for very young children or very unusual circumstances, at the sole discretion of the psychologist.

How will I learn about the results?

The neuropsychologist will schedule a time to go over the results with you. Typically, these are available the same day but always within three working days.

The person who referred you, most often your physician, will receive a formal report within 10 working days. You may also request, in writing, that the report be sent to others, such as doctors or a school principal.

The only circumstances in which the psychologist cannot give you information about the results is when the evaluation is done as part of an independent medicolegal evaluation (IME), which is typically done at the request of a lawyer, claims adjuster or other person involved in a case where there is disagreement about the nature or cause of the problem.

What if I need to cancel my neuropsychological appointment?

Please call us at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel your neuropsychological appointment for any reason. If you fail to show for your appointment or do not give at least 24 hours of notice on two consecutive occasions, the psychologist will not agree to reschedule.