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A neuropsychological evaluation involves an interview, observation and various tests with a psychologist who has special expertise in the relationship between the brain and various aspects of human behavior. The goal is to develop an understanding of why your brain might not be functioning in a normal and healthy way and what needs to be done to improve your brain function.

The psychologist may recommend certain types of therapy, but those will most likely need to be approved first by your own doctor and/or your insurance company. Often, the evaluation can help your doctor decide what kind of treatment is needed.

The majority of the neuropsychological evaluations at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital are done at the request of physicians or other service providers. A much smaller number are independent medicolegal evaluations (IMEs), which typically are completed at the request of a lawyer, claims adjuster or other person involved in a case where there is disagreement about the nature or cause of the problem. Under those conditions, the psychologist performing an IME has agreed to do a one-time evaluation and will not continue as your treating doctor.


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