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The Betty Bloomer Ford Cancer Rehabilitation Outpatient Therapy Center and clinic programs create a path for cancer survivors to manage the physical, cognitive and emotional impairments related to the impact of cancer and its treatments. Our outpatient services are available after your graduation from our inpatient program or as a new patient to Mary Free Bed. We also offer a home and community program.

Our cancer rehabilitation team meets weekly to discuss the needs of each patient in the program, allowing team members to stay on top of any changes and adjust treatment as needed. This regular communication enhances the care for our patients and their families.

Scheduling Your Outpatient Care

We understand it can be exhausting to attend multiple medical appointments. We use block scheduling out of respect for your time and energy. All of your therapies will be scheduled in either morning or afternoon sessions. We offer you the opportunity to coordinate your therapy appointments with consideration for your other medical appointments and personal schedule.

Your Outpatient Treatment Team

Following your evaluation, you’ll work with cancer rehabilitation trained therapists each time you visit Mary Free Bed. This continuity fosters solid relationships between you and the members of your treatment team. We augment your rehabilitation with leading-edge technology and specialized services.

Depending on your needs, your team may include:

• Cancer rehabilitation experts, including physicians and clinicians
• Neuropsychologists
• Rehabilitation psychologists
• Nursing staff, including registered nurses and nurse technicians
• Occupational therapists
• Palliative care physicians
• Physical therapists
• Recreational therapists
• Registered dietitians
• Care managers
• Speech-language pathologists
• Spiritual care coordinator
• Driver Rehabilitation experts

Specialty Services

Your treatment team works with you to determine the technologies and services that will support your rehabilitation and enhance your quality of life. Available specialty services include:

SMART Equitest for balance training – cancer survivors with mobility, gait and balance impairments may benefit from this six-step process to identify balance and mobility impairments
LokomatPro – robot-assisted technology to help you regain your ability to walk
Bioness – a device to help you regain movement and function in the hands and forearms
Dynavision 2000 light training board – provides evaluation of your eye movement, hand-eye coordination, reaction times, peripheral vision, concentration and endurance
Vision Coach – an interactive system to treat visual impairments and allow occupational therapists to address any problems with balance, coordination and upper extremity motor control deficits
iPads/iPhones – electronic calendars and planning applications promote independence and aid with visual problem solving, improving organizational skills, memory and concentration
Videofluoroscopy – an evaluation to identify issues with swallowing
FEES – a diagnostic swallowing evaluation that can help to determine sources of pain, hoarseness and other throat problems
Armeo Spring– a robot-assisted device designed to help restore function in the upper extremities

Learn more about additional cancer rehabilitation services and therapies, here.

Orthotics & Prosthetics

Our on-site Orthotics & Prosthetics + Bionics department is available if you need orthotic, prosthetic, seating or adaptive equipment to help improve your function and quality of life, optimize well-being and restore independence.

Specially designed and custom-fitted orthotic devices may be used to brace weak or ineffective joints or muscles. Custom-designed prosthetic devices may be fabricated to replace an extremity that was removed due to cancer. Prostheses are designed to provide both functional and cosmetic benefits.

Our Orthotics & Prosthetics department also has a Rehab Technology Center that provides assistive technology and communication services to meet your individual needs, as well as those of your family and caregivers. The Rehab Technology Center also includes OrthoSEAT, which provides high-quality, therapeutically designed seating components and other custom devices if you require the use of a wheelchair.