Pain, injury and other physical factors can hold you back from achieving your best golf swing. Robyn Smith, previously of Elite Golf and Running Performance, has spent years helping golfers to avoid injury and perform at their highest level.

A board-certified sports physical therapist, Robyn has nearly two decades of sports medicine experience and extensive understanding of orthopedic physical therapy, performance enhancement and wellness.

As part of Mary Free Bed’s Sports Rehabilitation team, Robyn helps golfers of all ages and ability levels, from beginner to elite. Her work goes beyond simply improving your golf swing, to include injury prevention (golfer’s elbow, back pain, etc.) and helping you to advance to your next level of play.

Titleist Golf Physical Assessment

Robyn facilitates Titleist golf physical assessments, which include:

  • Full body movement analysis
  • Strength, flexibility, balance and coordination screening
  • Individualized golf fitness/exercise plan
  • Education on current strengths and weaknesses, and how these affect your golf swing
  • Optional 2-D video swing analysis

Lack of strength, flexibility or muscle coordination can keep you from being able to correctly move your body. This can limit your golf swing. These limitations also can put you at an increased risk of injury and keep you from reaching your maximal potential.

Robyn will use information from the physical assessment to identify your unique body-swing connection and any areas of concern. She then teams with the golf pro to allow you to play at your best.

Based on what she learns from your physical assessment, Robyn will prescribe you with exercises to target all areas of concern. If your golf swing is limited by one-sidedness, you’ll receive training to reduce muscular imbalance and asymmetries. Exercises target and improve how you move your joints during your swing, including the hips, core, shoulders and torso. You’ll also be given the tools to improve the kinematic sequence of your swing for consistent ball impact.

2-D Video Analysis (Optional)

Industry-leading Dartfish software is used with a high-speed camera to analyze your golf swing from multiple angles. This information is combined with what was learned in the physical assessment to identify areas of improvement needed. You’ll then receive instruction and exercises to target these swing faults and physical limitations. Follow-up video is available at subsequent sessions.

Follow-up Sessions

Follow-up sessions include a review of your current golf performance program. These sessions focus on correct form and mechanics, tips and any necessary changes. Your session may cover any changes or progresses needed in your prescribed exercises based on your current needs and connection to swing faults. Additional video analysis can be performed as needed during follow-up sessions.

Who benefits from golf performance assessments and sessions?

A golf physical assessment may be right for you if your goals include:

  • Improving the consistency and power of your swing
  • Managing, eliminating or preventing pain while playing golf
  • Preventing golf-related injuries

Robyn’s expertise is beneficial for any junior or adult golfer who is interested in developing his or her swing to the highest potential, based on a personalized assessment and plan.

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About Robyn Smith, MSPT, SCS, CGFI-Med Level 2

Robyn Smith is a board-certified sports physical therapist with many years of sports medicine experience. She has extensive experience in orthopedic physical therapy as well as directing performance enhancement and wellness programs. Robyn has worked with both runners and golfers of all ages and ability levels, from the novice to the elite. Her passion lies in injury prevention for these athletes as well as performance enhancement.

Robyn has been a competitive gymnast, runner and triathlete herself and understands the motivation, dedication, and hard work that goes into sport. Whether it’s running or golfing for fun or you’re training at a high level, no one wants to be sidelined by pain and everyone can benefit from training correctly to hit your optimal goals.


  • TPI Physical Evaluation: $175; Junior $150
  • TPI Physical Eval plus video analysis: $250; Junior $225
  • One-hour follow-up session: $90; Junior $80

Package Follow-up Sessions

  • 4 additional sessions: $300
  • 6 additional sessions: $420
  • 8 additional sessions: $520

Package Follow-up Sessions (18 years and younger; one hour)

  • 4 additional sessions: $275
  • 6 additional sessions: $380
  • 8 additional sessions: $480

One-on-one, twice-weekly, private fitness training (all ages, one hour)

  • 1 month: $450 (8 sessions)