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Physical limitations can affect your running performance and cause pain. Robyn Smith, previously of Elite Golf and Running Performance, has spent years helping runners to improve the way they run to prevent injury and help manage pain.

A board-certified sports physical therapist, Robyn has nearly two decades of sports medicine experience and extensive understanding of orthopedic physical therapy, performance enhancement and wellness.

As part of Mary Free Bed’s Sports Rehabilitation team, Robyn helps runners of all ages and levels. A running assessment with her includes:

  • Full-body-movement assessment, including head-to-toe strength and flexibility
  • Foot and ankle biomechanical evaluation
  • High-speed video analysis
  • Footwear recommendations (including discussion of semi-custom orthotic options when needed)
  • Individualized running fitness and exercise plan

Video analysis allows us to capture slow-motion images of you walking and running. We can view these frame by frame, allowing us to see much more detail than is possible when viewing at a normal speed. This also serves as a great teaching tool because you will be able to see how you move and understand how any physical limitations impact the way you move.

This comprehensive evaluation will identify — and help us get to the bottom of — the causes of any abnormal movement patterns that cause stress on your body. It does this by assessing your entire body, from the head to toe, and connecting those findings to any issues in your running gait.

2-D Analysis

Industry-leading Dartfish software is used with a high-speed camera to analyze your running form in slow-motion and from two different views. This information is combined with what was learned in the physical assessment to identify areas for improvement. You’ll then receive instruction and exercises to maximize your efficiency and stay injury free. Close attention will be given to foot mechanics and how your foot is functioning in your current footwear. A follow-up, side-by-side comparison is available of different shoes, form and mechanics.

Follow-up Sessions

Follow-up sessions include a review of your current program. These sessions include a close look at correct form and mechanics, tips and any necessary changes. Your session may cover any changes or progresses needed in your prescribed exercises based on your current needs. Additional video analysis can be performed as needed in these sessions.

Who benefits from this service?

Robyn’s expertise is beneficial for anyone who runs, from recreational to competitive runners:

  • If you are running pain-free, an assessment can identify any risk factors for future injury as you continue to run or ramp up your mileage.
  • Runners can improve efficiency in running while working on overall running form.
  • If you experience pain while running, an assessment can identify the source of the pain. This information is key to create a plan to address and eliminate causes of the pain.

An assessment may also be right for you if you enjoy walking for fitness but are experiencing pain. A slow-motion analysis can show the subtle foot movements that take place while walking. This can help identify why you may be having pain. Robyn uses this information to provide you with an improvement plan that will address your needs. You’ll receive an exercise plan, footwear recommendations and any guidance on orthotic devices, if needed.

Questions and Scheduling:


About Robyn Smith, MSPT, SCS, CGFI-Med Level 2

Robyn Smith is a board-certified sports physical therapist with 18 years of sports medicine experience. She has extensive experience in orthopedic physical therapy as well as directing performance enhancement and wellness programs. Robyn has worked with both runners and golfers of all ages and ability levels, from the novice to the elite. Her passion lies in injury prevention for these athletes as well as performance enhancement.

Robyn has been a competitive gymnast, runner and triathlete herself and understands the motivation, dedication, and hard work that goes into sport. Whether it’s running or golfing for fun or you’re training at a high level, no one wants to be sidelined by pain and everyone can benefit from training correctly to hit your optimal goals.


  • Initial physical assessment and 2-D video analysis: $200
  • Follow-up sessions $90/hour

Package Follow-up Sessions

  • 4 additional sessions: $300
  • 6 additional sessions: $420
  • 8 additional sessions: $520

Package Follow-up Sessions (18 years and younger; one hour)

  • 4 additional sessions: $275
  • 6 additional sessions: $380
  • 8 additional sessions: $480

One-on-one, twice-weekly, private fitness training (all ages, one hour)

  • 1 month: $450 (8 sessions)

What should I wear to the assessment?

Wear clothes that are comfortable for running or walking. Expect to run for approximately five to seven minutes. Contrasting colors of shirts and shorts work best; for example, a white shirt with black shorts. Bring current running or walking shoes, and any orthotics currently worn.

How long does the assessment take?

The initial assessment is about 90 minutes.