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Sports clinics offer participants an opportunity to explore a variety of sports or activities without the cost of acquiring equipment or the commitment of joining a team.

Participants must be cognitively or physically impaired. Common diagnoses of participants include: amputation, spinal cord injury, spina bifida, stroke, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, spinal muscular atrophy, hip dysplasia, cerebral palsy, arthrogryposis, traumatic brain injury and post-polio syndrome.

There may be some restrictions based on individual barriers, such as difficulty swallowing water, personal fears or age restrictions. The clinic coordinator will answer any questions.


Feel the power of aiming at the bullseye, drawing back your bow and releasing the arrow.  Archery is one of the original Paralympic sports. This clinic is offered in coordination with the West Michigan Archery Center and Kentwood Parks and Recreation department.
Age: 12 and older by date of clinic


In a partnership with CrossFit 616, Mary Free Bed Wheelchair and Adaptive Sports is excited to host an adaptive CrossFit Clinic. CrossFit is a fitness program that features constantly varied and functional movements using different workout methods. Professional coaches will provide instruction with the help of a certified Recreational Therapist.

Downhill Skiing

An invigorating schuss down the slopes provides both a good physical workout and social networking opportunities. Downhill skiing is available to individuals with various types of disabilities. Professional volunteers are provided by the Cannonsburg Challenged Ski Association, a chapter of Disabled Sports/USA. This program is offered in partnership with Kentwood Parks and Recreation.
Age: 5 and older by date of clinic

Future Sled Wings (sled hockey)

The “Future Sled Wings” clinics are practices for athletes interested in trying sled hockey. Ideally these practices will be for younger players ages 5-8 who want to play on the Sled Wings when they get older. This is a great way to educate players to equipment use and introduce the kids to the fun of the sport.
Age: 5-8


For those who are new to the sport or have spent time on the greens! Our clinic equips participants with everything from the mechanics of the golf swing to balance and stance. We also will explore adaptive equipment and techniques to help participants get the most out of the game.
Age: 11 and older by the date of clinic

Kayak and Canoe

Experience the freedom and tranquility that comes from gliding across the water’s surface in a kayak or canoe. Participants will receive an individual assessment to determine if adaptive equipment is necessary to help enjoy these sports. The program is offered in partnership with Kentwood Parks and Recreation.

Restrictions: Must be comfortable floating and have the ability to right self in water independently with properly fitted PFD. Must have the ability to hold breath if going under water. Must be able to swallow thin liquids. Must have the ability to maintain a balanced, upright position when seated in a boat, including use of necessary adaptations for trunk or leg support.
Age: 13 and older by the date of clinic

Off-Road Handcycle

Get out and shred the trails at Luton Park with the Fat Explorer III, the newest member of the Mary Free Bed handcycle fleet. This off-road handcycle allows users to tackle single-track terrain. With power-assist capabilities, this cycle can handle anything that comes its way. This clinic is offered to those with physical disabilities who have the ability to independently operate a handcycle. The program coordinator will conduct pre-series phone screenings to determine appropriateness.
Age: 16 an older


In a partnership with the Grand Rapids Pickleball Club, Mary Free Bed Wheelchair and Adaptive Sports is excited to host an adaptive pickleball clinic. Whether you’ve never picked up a paddle or are a seasoned enthusiast, come join us to learn more about this growing sport.

Power Soccer

Power soccer is an exciting adaptive team sport specifically designed for the power wheelchair user. You will learn “hands-on” how the game is played through drills and scrimmage. Everything you need to play is provided, but you must have your own power wheelchair. Visit powersoccerusa.org to learn more about this sport.
Age: 5 years and older (by the day of the clinic)


Sailing is an inclusive sport with the potential to become a lifelong leisure activity that can be adjusted to ones interests. Opportunities for competitive pursuit or purely recreational enjoyment abound.

This clinic provides participants with sailing techniques and the gentle finesse necessary to control the sails when heading into the open waters. Adaptive sailing has been a part of the Paralympic Games since 2000 and recognition of this sport as a serious athletic discipline continues to grow. This clinic is offered in partnership with Grand Rapids Yacht Club and Traverse Area Community Sailing.
Age: 5 years or older by the date of the clinic

Scuba Diving

Our scuba diving clinic gives participants a chance to experience the silence and weightlessness of being underwater. The clinic focuses on underwater swimming, managing scuba gear, use of adaptive swimming equipment and underwater propulsion equipment. Trained dive masters from West Michigan Adaptive Diving work one-on-one with participants.

Restrictions: Participants must not have a fear of water, issues with claustrophobia or an allergy to neoprene. Ability to swim is preferred, but not a requirement.
Age: 10 and older by the date of the clinic


Our water-skiing clinic allows for our participants to experience the thrill and exhilaration of flying across the surface of the water. This adaptive clinic focuses both on sitting and standing skiing, and is offered in partnership with Kentwood Parks and Recreation.

Restrictions: Participants must be able to safely swallow thin liquids.
Age: 5 years old by date of the clinic


Experience unknown heights through the excitement of ziplining. If there is a will, there is a way. All are welcome to experience the thrill of this exhilarating clinic. With highly trained staff, be propelled by gravity, traveling from the top to the bottom of an inclined cable by attaching to a freely moving pulley.
Age: 7 years and older (by the date of the clinic)