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Falls are the number one cause of serious and fatal injuries for older Americans. We can help you to find your balance.

A fall puts you at greater risk for disability, injury and nursing home placement. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate a third of older adults fall each year, and most don’t tell their doctors about it. Preventing falls is important for people of all ages. There are steps you can take to lessen your or your loved one’s chances of being hurt during a fall.

The Steady Steps Program at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation is a resource for patients in Grand Rapids and throughout West Michigan. We’ll work with you on an individual basis to address any problems you’re having with balance, strength, flexibility or gait. The overall goal is to give you greater independence and to ensure your safety.

We help patients who are risk of falls for a wide variety of reasons, including:

• Deconditioned state
• Orthopedic trauma or surgery (hip fracture, knee replacement)
• Osteoporosis
• Parkinson’s disease
• Visual impairment (such as from macular degeneration, glaucoma and other conditions)

We also can help if you’ve experienced falls with no known cause, you have a fear of falling or you have a history of a disability (such as a stroke or a brain or spinal cord injury) and have recently suffered a fall.

Your treatment begins with a thorough evaluation of your medical and social history as well as risk factors. We may assess your balance, vision, musculoskeletal functional mobility, coordination and other circumstances that impact your safety. We then create a treatment plan specific to your needs. This plan may include everything from strategies you can use to reduce your risk of falling, to balance training, range-of-motion exercises and activities of daily living, and more.

Education is a very important part of your therapy. We consider your family’s involvement to be a key component of our program. We educate both you and your family, or caregiver, on any potential safety concerns. We provide training and support to ensure your treatment can continue at home and in other settings. This education includes a fall reduction home assessment guide.