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Your vocal health isn’t just about being able to communicate – it’s also about being able to function as you want in your home, work, school or community.

Voice Rehabilitation at Mary Free BedChanges in your voice, such as hoarseness or breathiness, can result from vocal strain, vocal nodules, polyps or even caner. In addition, vocal cord dysfunction or shortness of breath can be caused by overbreathing, mouth breathing, asthma, allergies, anxiety and other health problems.

Dysfunctional breathing patterns may cause a significant loss of carbon dioxide in the body, which can result in constricted muscles and a lack of oxygen traveling to the brain and other major organs.

At Mary Free Bed, clinicians will evaluate your condition, collaborate on ways to improve it and then work hand-in-hand with you to ease your symptoms. In many cases, specialized exercises known as Buteyko breathing techniques result in improved breathing, vocal function and overall health in children and adults.

After you are referred to Mary Free Bed by a physician, we’ll assess your condition using high-tech tools that measure airflow, breathing patterns, vocal pitch and intensity, vocal cord function, symmetry, structure and other factors that may cause shortness of breath of other vocal changes.

Specifically, we’ve found the Buteyko method, which first gained popularity as a way to treat asthma without medication, to be an integral part of breathing treatments for many patients.

Treatment is led by Julianne Bomia, a certified Buteyko practitioner. Julie is a speech/language pathologist in Mary Free Bed’s Outpatient Therapy Center, one of the only sites in Michigan that offers the Buteyko method.

We can help you reset your respiratory system to breathe in a more healthy and efficient manner. Through therapy our patients have successfully controlled asthma and allergies, curtailed snoring and sleep apnea, managed stress and reduced panic attacks.

Amey Dykema (pictured above) had this to say of our Voice Program: “My work with Julianne has been life changing. She’s like an angel sitting on my shoulder.”


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