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Lose Weight at Mary Free Bed Weight Management ProgramWe’re happy to answer your questions about the Weight Management Program at Mary Free Bed.

Below are some of the questions we most frequently hear from patients who are seeking a healthy way to lose weight.

Who participates in your medical weight loss program?

Mary Free Bed’s weight management program helps men and women of all ages and at all stages of their weight loss journey. Participants come to us from Grand Rapids and throughout West Michigan.

While the overall reason people join the Mary Free Bed Weight Management Program is to be healthy and lose weight, your personal motivator is unique to you. You may want to be involved in the lives of your children or grandchildren for many years to come. Or maybe you want to be able to more comfortably travel, or get back into your favorite sport. Perhaps you need to manage a medical condition through a healthier lifestyle. One woman enrolled because she believed if she was healthier, she’d be taken more seriously at work. Whatever your reason, we’re here to help you succeed.

Why should I choose the Mary Free Bed Weight Management Program?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the many weight loss programs and plans available. Here are a few things that help our participants to find success in our medical weight loss program:

• You’re in the driver’s seat. You set your weight loss goals – not us.
• You’ll learn ways to regain and maintain your health during weekly classes on nutrition, exercise and techniques to develop a healthy lifestyle.
• Your coach will work with you in addition to visiting at the weekly classes.
• We work with your primary care physician, especially if you’re focused on reducing certain medications.
• When the 20-week course is completed, you’re encouraged to stay connected in graduate sessions with other alumni to reinforce the positive changes you’ve made.

Our specialists can answer your questions about what to expect during the program and how it may benefit you.

Does Mary Free Bed’s weight management program include a meal plan?

Yes. The program features a medically-balanced meal replacement product. The good news is that it’s actually tasty! You can use it as a beverage or even bake with it. We’ll provide recipes.

This meal replacement product is important for two reasons: it helps you achieve rapid weight loss and helps break poor food habits. We’ll transition you to grocery store foods based on a plan created for you by our registered dietitian.

What specialists will I work with in the Mary Free Bed Weight Management Program?

Our weight management team includes specialists who understand the challenges and rewards of achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

• Jeffrey H. Kramer, MD – The program is spearheaded by Dr. Kramer, who has been with Mary Free Bed since 1994. Dr Kramer has taken specialized courses through the American Society of Bariatric Physicians to provide our patients with the most comprehensive, up-to-date treatment strategies available. He specializes in musculoskeletal injury, among other disciplines, and is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Wayne State University’s School of Medicine. When he isn’t working, Dr. Kramer enjoys athletics and spending time with his family.

• Kim Meeuwsen, RDN – Kim manages our program and is the primary educator for our weekly sessions. She has a special interest in weight management and has completed her Certificate of Training in Weight Management.

• Carrie Pappas, MA LLP – Carrie is the psychotherapist for our program. Her interest in weight management is both professional and personal. She holds a Graduate Certificate in Holistic Health and enjoys maintaining her own 50 pound weight loss.

You may work with other Mary Free Bed specialists as part of the weight loss and management program.

How is this program different from Weight Watchers, Medical Weight Loss or Jenny Craig?

1. Our interdisciplinary team consists of professionals in the area of Weight Management. They’ve helped thousands of people lose weight and begin a healthy lifestyle to keep the weight off.

2. We’re a medically supervised weight control program. A physician will monitor your progress and transition any medications you’re currently taking, including insulin.

3. Our team will communicate with your primary care physician on your progress.

4. You won’t be in a room with strangers each meeting. You’ll be with the same group members who will offer a consistent, supportive and encouraging environment.

5. We’ll demonstrate and offer healthy recipes to keep your meals interesting! You can even bring in your own recipes to share with your group.

6. Once classes are complete, you can stay connected with other alumni by coming to graduate sessions. Our graduates see the most success by staying involved in the ongoing sessions. Alumni continue to have the ability to purchase meal replacements as needed.

7. We transition each person from meal replacements to grocery store foods on an individualized plan custom-made by the Registered Dietitian.

8. This isn’t a weekly weigh-in. This is a course on healthy behaviors, proper nutrition and support. Your coach will be in contact with you more than just once each week in class.

9. We don’t focus on each pound you lose; we focus on the percentage of your body mass that you have lost and the difference that you see in your life! We don’t set your weight loss goals, YOU DO!