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Weight Management FAQs

We’re happy to answer your questions about the Weight Management Program at Mary Free Bed.

Below are some of the questions we most frequently hear from patients who are seeking a healthy way to lose weight.

Who participates in the Weight Management Program?

Mary Free Bed’s Weight Management Program helps men and women 18 and older at all stages of their weight-loss journey. Participants come to us from Grand Rapids and throughout West Michigan.

People join the Mary Free Bed Weight Management Program for education and support. The motivation behind your desire to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle is personal to you. Maybe you want to be more actively involved in the lives of your children or grandchildren for years to come. Or maybe you want to be able to more comfortably travel or get back into your favorite sport. Perhaps you need to manage a medical condition through a healthier lifestyle.

Whatever your reason, we’re here to help you succeed.

Why should I choose Mary Free Bed’s Weight Management Program?

We help you develop a healthy lifestyle. Losing weight and changing behavior is tough by yourself. Not only will you find support from your team and those in your group, with our program:

• You’re in the driver’s seat. You set your weight-loss goals – not us.
• You’ll learn ways to regain and maintain your health during weekly classes on nutrition, exercise and techniques to develop a healthy mindset and lifestyle.
• Your coach will work with you one-on-one in addition to the weekly classes.
• We work with your primary care physician, especially if you’re focused on reducing certain medications.
• When you’ve completed the 20-week course, we’ll encourage you to stay connected in graduate sessions with other alumni to reinforce the positive changes you’ve made.

Does the program include a meal plan?

Yes. In the beginning, we feature a medically-balanced meal replacement product from Health One Nutrition Technology. It can be included in recipes or made into a beverage. The plan also includes fruit, vegetables and discretionary calories based on your individual needs.

We consider this product just one of the many tools you’ll use throughout the program. You’ll begin with a more structured plan that takes the guesswork out of nutrition maintenance while you’re developing other healthy skills. Our goal is to help you find balance with your intake and develop a healthier relationship with food, leaving you satisfied and healthy.

How is the program different from Weight Watchers, Medical Weight Loss or Jenny Craig?

  • Our interdisciplinary team consists of weight management professionals. We’ve helped many people lose weight and develop a healthy lifestyle to keep the weight off.
  • We’re a medically supervised program. A physician will monitor your progress and transition any medications you’re currently taking, including insulin.
  • Our team will communicate with your primary care physician on your progress.
  • You won’t be in a room with strangers each meeting. You’ll be with the same people in a consistent, supportive and encouraging environment.
  • We’ll demonstrate and offer healthy recipes to keep your meals interesting. We encourage you to share your own healthy recipes.
  • Once classes are complete, you can stay connected with other alumni by attending graduate sessions. Our graduates see the most success by staying involved in ongoing sessions. Alumni continue to have the ability to purchase meal replacements as needed.
  • We transition each person from meal replacements to grocery store foods with a plan customized for you by a registered dietitian with your input.
  • This is not a weekly weigh-in. This is a program that encourages healthy behaviors and proper nutrition. Your coach will stay connected with you outside of class to ensure you have access to support.
  • We don’t focus on each pound you lose; we focus on the difference you see in your life! We don’t set your lifestyle goals, YOU do!