Therapeutic and medical massage by a licensed massage therapist is a powerful tool with extensive health benefits that complement treatment for various medical conditions. 

At Mary Free Bed, we provide rehabilitation services that treat the whole person, using a mind-and-body approach to care. 

Relaxation massage

Light-to-medium pressure massage techniques soothe sore muscles, relieve headaches and provide an overall feeling of rest and relaxation. This reduces tension and stress and improves circulation.  

Lymphatic drainage massage

Gentle massage reduces swelling, inflammation and pain, and improves lymphatic and vascular circulation.  

Deep tissue massage

This kind of massage breaks up scar tissue and breaks down muscle knots or adhesions (bands of painful, rigid tissue) that can disrupt circulation and cause pain, limited range of motion and inflammation. 

Medical massage

Medical massage focuses on chronic muscle issues, with entire sessions that may be focused on specific areas. NOTE: Requires referral from a physician or physical therapist and an in-depth medical history.  

Sports massage

Sports massage, which addresses the specific needs of athletes, can be helpful during training, before an event to enhance performance, or afterward to reduce soreness or tightness.  

May include Swedish (relaxation) massage, cross-fiber friction massage, deep-compression massage or trigger-point therapy. 

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