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Greater mobility means more independence. 

Your wheelchair needs to be a great fit. Appropriate seating is better for your health, and it helps you do what you want to do — when you want to do it. 

OrthoSEAT services may be appropriate if you need help maintaining a good position in your chair, if you’re prone to developing skin-pressure problems or if there are other circumstances impacting your health and comfort.  

Our custom wheelchair seating experts work with you and your support team to create solutions that maximize your independence, mobility and safety. 

From the time of the first evaluation to the final adjustment, we focus on supporting you and your goals. 


We may use a variety of services to find the best solution for you: 

  • Computerized pressure mapping 
  • Custom equipment and seating fabrication 
  • Equipment trials 
  • Follow-up visits and equipment adjustments 
  • Therapeutic mobility evaluation 
  • Wheelchair mobility training 


Our physical and occupational therapists have access to a wide range of equipment for you to test-drive during your sessions. Our on-site OrthoSEAT department has a fleet of strollers, manual and power wheelchairs, cushions and wheelchair backs, and custom positioning equipment.  

We work with internal departments and external businesses to test and select appropriate equipment, get approval from your insurance, and set up the approved equipment to make sure it fits you. OrthoSEAT’s custom-seating components are warranted against manufacturing or material defects for three months from the day you receive your new seating system. 

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Mobile services

Can’t come to us? Our OrthoSEAT mobile unit is available three days a week to help patients who need special on-site assistance in group homes or a school setting. We serve Western Michigan within a 1.5-hour radius of downtown Grand Rapids.  

The mobile team includes a therapist and technician who provide services such as evaluations, seating fabrication and construction, final fitting, modifications, education and more. 

Safety beds

For children and adults with autism, brain injuries or agitated behaviors and developmental delays, falls and wandering at night are special concerns.  

Fortunately, a safety bed can offer a restraint-free, secure area for sleep or play. It’s a safe, enclosed environment with padding and upholstery, and an opening within the bed that helps a caregiver easily change the sheets or care for a loved one.  

Each bed is designed to specifications to prevent injuries, such as an arm or leg being caught between the wall and mattress. 

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