Technology with a human touch. 

Innovations in bionic technology greatly improve your ability — and provide life-like functionality. Our skilled clinicians have comprehensive knowledge of microprocessor-controlled orthotic and prosthetic hands, fingers, feet and knees. 

We fully evaluate your needs and preferences to help you receive the best option for your lifestyle, ensuring greater mobility and independence. 

Bionic hand

Devices include: 

Prosthetics for Your Upper Body

  • i-limb 
  • i-digit 
  • Michelangelo 
  • DynamicArm 
  • Bebionic 
  • Coapt Pattern Recognition 

Prosthetics for Your Lower Body

  • Power Knee 
  • RHEO XC 
  • Symbionic Leg 3 
  • Genium 
  • X-3 
  • Lynx 
  • Elan 


  • C-Brace 
  • Sensor Walk 
  • E-MAG 
  • WalkAide 
  • Myomo 


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