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Mary Free Bed’s Stroke Support Group is here to help

Mary Free Bed’s Stroke Support Group provides a forum for stroke survivors and family members to meet and learn about adjusting to the changes a stroke brings to your life and your family’s lives. If you’ve never been to a meeting and are wondering what the members of the group are like, here’s your chance to meet some of the members and hear their stories.

Roger Relich

After his stroke, Roger Relich couldn’t walk and lost his kinesthetic sense, meaning he didn’t know where his arms and legs were. Today, Roger is back to skiing and living life, thanks to hard work, therapy, and the Mary Free Bed Stroke Support Group.

Joseph Tabor

Joseph’s stroke left him with memory problems, depression, and anxiety. At the Mary Free Bed Stroke Support Group, he met others he could relate with. Group members helped him learn the causes of post-stroke anxiety and depression and how to deal with them effectively.

Dave Slezak

As a member of Mary Free Bed’s Stroke Support Group, Dave was surprised to discover people those who attend the meetings weren’t there to complain, but rather to encourage one another and share ideas for recovery.

Gordon Gerow

Gorden suffered a stroke during heart valve replacement surgery. Gordon and his wife agree that the Mary Free Bed Stroke Support Group is filled with “so much laughter, so much encouragement, and good advice.”

Sarah Rappaport

Sarah, just 5 days shy of her 30 birthday, suffered a life-altering stroke. While she’s made a remarkable recovery, Sarah had to re-learn how to do many everyday tasks. Her rehabilitation at Mary Free Bed included physical, occupational, and speech therapy, as well as driver rehabilitation. Today, Sarah finds encouragement and community through Mary Free Bed’s Stroke Support Group.

Join the Stroke Support Group

Stroke Support Group meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month, 6:15-7:30 pm, in the 2nd floor conference room at Mary Free Bed (driving and parking directions).


Sandy MacMillan

My mom, Amber Lymburner suffered a stroke on Dec. 6 and spent about a month at Mary Free Bed. Since she has left there she has struggled with confusion, depression and panic attacks. When are your meetings held?


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