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Cancer + Wellness series: Episode 5 – Eating by Color

In the fifth episode of our video series, inspired by the Cancer + Wellness Program, Mick Von Doxatater offers advice on how to eat a more colorful diet and why it matters: “Your immune system and your body will thank you.” Mick says “variety is the key word here. Between 5 and 10 colors is what…
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Three generations of Ford women behind cancer rehabilitation program

Historians say cancer can be divided into two categories: before Betty and after Betty. She was the first prominent woman to speak openly about breast cancer. Because of Betty Ford’s courage, women visited their physicians. Countless lives were saved. Our campaign is aimed at getting the word out about cancer rehabilitation. It’s a new sub-specialty in the…
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Betty Bloomer Ford Cancer Rehabilitation Program at Mary Free Bed

  During the groundbreaking ceremony, Susan Ford Bales announced the establishment of The Betty Bloomer Ford Cancer Rehabilitation Program honoring her mother and grandmother. The daughter of President Gerald and First Lady Betty Ford acknowledged her family ties to Mary Free Bed. Bales’ mother and grandmother were active supporters of the hospital. Betty Bloomer Ford…
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