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Mary Free Bed Guild Proud to Support Wheelchair and Handcyclists

  The Mary Free Bed Guild was a proud sponsor of the 36th Annual Fifth Third River Bank Run’s Wheelchair and Handcycle Divisions. This year, 29 handcyclists and 13 wheelchair racers competed in front of an estimated 38,000-plus spectators. View this video to view highlights of the race.

The Mary Free Bed Guild Legacy

“Do men understand as well as women that the only way to look at another human being is as a miracle? Who else but a guild of women would empathize so closely with the pain our patients and their families feel every day?” – Kent Riddle, Mary Free Bed CEO Mary Free Bed Guild History The…
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You’re Invited: Dedication Ceremony for “Rain,” 2009 ArtPrize Entry

On Monday, April 12, the Mary Free Bed Guild will hold a dedication ceremony for the sculpture Rain by artist Anna Donahue. The Guild bought and commissioned the piece to be bronzed after exhibiting it at the hospital for ArtPrize 2009. Artist Anna Donahue and her family have ties that run deep with both art and…
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Winning Minority Scholarship Opens Doors for Past Recipients

  In 2002, the Mary Free Bed Guild of Grand Rapids created the Minority Scholarship Program to promote diverse staffing. Today, two former scholarship winners are now working at Mary Free Bed. Andrea Dennis is a past scholarship winner who now works as a Pediatric Resident at Mary Free Bed.  Andrea said, “Winning the minority…
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