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Woman Finds Relief from Fibromyalgia After Receiving Therapy at The Pain Center

  Brandi Czechowskyj, diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2008, suffered from overwhelming chronic pain and fatigue. “I wasn’t living,” Czechowskyj says. “I was just getting by. I was doing what I could to get through every minute of every day.” Even though her pain is not completely gone, Brandi is now able to enjoy her life….
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Young Boy Recovers From Longitudinal Myelitis at Mary Free Bed

John McKnight was a healthy nine-year-old boy. So when he complained about his legs hurting, his mom, Terry, thought it was just a viral infection and he may be dehydrated. However, when Terry asked John to get out of bed, he couldn’t support his own weight or even move his legs. After taking John immediately…
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Robert Clark Defies Odds After Suffering Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Robert Clark’s morning seemed ordinary enough. He went through his normal routine and played tennis. It wasn’t until the backache set in that he thought something might be wrong. He went home and took some ibuprofen, something he rarely resorted to. The next day, his back felt better, but his fingertips tingled and one side…
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Brain Injury Patient Plans to Return to Mary Free Bed as Volunteer

  Diane Kimoto, a Grand Valley State University professor, suffered a brain aneurysm while teaching class on September 17, 2012. While she doesn’t remember much of the events that brought her to the Brain Injury Program at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, she remembers the moment when she became herself again. Diane was so overwhelmed…
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Mary Free Bed Patient of 57 Years Shares Story of Hope and Recovery

  For nearly six decades, long-time patient, Randy Syswerda, has come to Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital for treatment. At 4 years old, a case of encephalitis robbed Randy of his ability to walk. He spent 6 months in our inpatient program, and left the hospital able to walk with braces. Randy has returned to Mary Free…
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Rehabilitation Seating Technician Helps to Build a Brighter Future for Patients

“I think it’s just a great place to work,” says Leo DelCarmen of his 24-year career at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. As a rehabilitation seating technician, Leo sees patients from start to finish in Mary Free Bed’s OrthoSEAT program, which is part of the Orthotics & Prosthetics division. Learn how he builds custom seating…
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In spite of limb differences, Brooklyn is just like any other kid

  Meet Brooklyn Brooklyn is just like any other girl. She hangs out with her friends, and loves the color pink. In fact, she is proud to share that almost every outfit she wears has pink in it. Brooklyn is very active, and tries everything at least once. She enjoys karate, tumbling dance class, and…
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Mary Free Bed Sponsors 2012 Midwest Wheelchair Championship

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital proudly hosted 70 top wheelchair tennis players from the United States and Canada for the 2012 Midwest Wheelchair Championship, on July 12-15. Nationally and internationally ranked athletes played for a purse of $11,500 during the four-day competition, including four paralympians. This event also marked the announcement that the Grand Rapids…
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A New Perspective on Life After Brain Injury

Jon is not the same person he was before the accident. According to his wife, he’s much milder and nicer. He appreciates his friends and family differently, and makes sure to say “I love you”. Many people who are told they weren’t expected to live tend to have at this new kind of perspective on…
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Man walks again after sustaining spinal cord damage from aortic aneurysm

Many of us have heard these kinds of motivational statements before. But when you experience a life changing event, these words take on a whole new meaning. Randy Ribble, 64, was enjoying an ordinary evening in May when it took an unfortunate turn. “I was settling in for the night, and of all of sudden…
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