UPDATE: Lauren, 21, recovers from stroke with help from Mary Free Bed

Lauren Ziegler and team at Mary Free Bed

Updated October 22, 2019 Lauren Ziegler achieved her goal of running a half-marathon on October 20. She finished the half-marathon at the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon five minutes faster than she had planned. She also plans to continue running and run in more races in the future. Updated April 9, 2019 Lauren Ziegler is…

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Search for support on wellness journey leads Michelle to Weight Management Program

Michelle Shedd joined the Mary Free Bed Weight Management Program to find the support and accountability she needed on her “journey to lasting wellness.” “My body was in protest,” Michelle said. “My joints were surrendering and screaming in pain with all the extra weight I was carrying around.” Michelle shares her experience here: Why did you…

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Travis on ‘road to a healthier life’ with help from Bronson, Mary Free Bed

Travis Laws was determined to get his life back and knew it wouldn’t be easy. Bedridden for several years, the 46-year-old from Allegan had significant health issues, including a large mass on his right leg. He weighed nearly 1,300 pounds. Specialists from Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo cared for Travis and developed a diet and…

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Lila’s recovery from internal decapitation called miraculous

An August car crash near her Cedar Springs home left Lila DeLine with a life-threatening spinal cord injury. Essentially, she was internally decapitated when the force of the impact separated her skull from her spine, an injury that most often proves fatal. But Lila defied the odds. She was an inpatient at Spectrum Health for…

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Gardening-as-therapy helps Betty bloom

Betty Wustman loves tending to the flowers at her Byron Center home … bountiful roses and hydrangeas, beautiful flowering baskets and beds, and a house full of African violets. “I love, love, love flowers,” said Betty, 74, who came to Mary Free Bed after being diagnosed with polymyositis, an uncommon condition that causes muscle weakness….

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