It’s typical practice for healthcare organizations and providers to contract with outside vendors to mail patient billing. Wolverine Solutions Group formerly performed that function for Mary Free Bed.

Wolverine was infected with ransomware, which encrypted its information and backup systems. While the incident occurred on September 25, 2018, we did not receive the names of the 4,755 Mary Free Bed patients affected until February 6, 2019. We validated the information and returned it to Wolverine within 10 days.

For the majority of patients, the information included name, address, billing number and their insurance company name. About one quarter of the patients also had Social Security numbers included.

Because the breach occurred to Wolverine, law mandates it notify patients and they began receiving letters on March 4, 2019. Wolverine officials believe the incident was solely to seek a ransom payment and that no data was extracted or copied from its system.

Wolverine is providing the following resources for 12 months at no cost to affected patients:

  • AllClear identity repair
  • AllClear fraud alerts and credit monitoring
  • AllClear Toll Free Hotline for patients: 1.877.412.7152.

Here’s a link to a statement by wolverine about the incident:

We at Mary Free Bed sincerely apologize to our patients affected by this incident and for the angst and inconvenience it has caused.