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Mary Free Bed has the most comprehensive amputation rehabilitation program in Michigan. Your Amputee Team will work with you to coordinate the specialty services and programs that will best serve you.

Ask for a referral or call us directly: 616.840.8790.

Assistive Technology

You’ll be amazed at the variety of technological tools that can make your life easier. We have an entire department of tech experts who help with everything from creating better access to computers to custom fitting electronic aids to daily living. If your amputation is limiting hand function or fine motor skills, your electronic aids to daily living toolbox might include:

• Emergency call devices
• Door-opening systems
• Switch-operated phones
• Remote-control lights or fans
• Remote-control audio systems

They can be operated by infrared signals, radio frequency, WiFi or voice control.

Driver Rehabilitation

Our Driver Rehabilitation Program restores independence by putting you back in the driver’s seat. Driver rehab professionals:

• Assist with transportation evaluations and recommendations for car, truck or van modifications
• Identify specific adaptations such as hand controls, seat modifications, lifts or ramps
• Assess your driving skills
• Provide on-the-road driver education and training

Home Evaluations

As you’re getting ready to go back home, we want to make sure it’s safe and convenient. Your occupational and physical therapists will either do an on-site evaluation or review your floor plans to see if you need any modifications such as wider doors or ramps.


If you’ll be spending time in a wheelchair, it needs to be a great fit. Your wheelchair seating solutions may incorporate commercially available components or custom designed modifications. We do it all right here on site.

OrthoSEAT stands for Orthotic Seating, Equipment, and Assistive Technology (OrthoSEAT). The professionals in this department begin with the seat. They may use computerized pressure mapping to help you select the best cushion so you’ll have a wheelchair that’s comfortable and therapeutically correct. The Assistive Technology experts add custom assistive devices if necessary to maximize your functionality.

Therapy Pool

There’s a lot happening below the surface in our therapy pool. The water temperature is adjustable, and so is the depth. Aquatic therapy is ideal for many reasons:

• Warm water temperatures relax muscles
• The added buoyancy eases movement
• This environment promotes greater range-of-motion.

The pool is also a safe setting to work on increasing your muscle strength and flexibility and perform tasks that you may not be able to do yet on land, such as standing or walking. Your recreation therapists can do a swim evaluation and help you be safer and more comfortable in the water.

Vocational Rehabilitation

We collaborate with Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS), a governmental agency that assists individuals with disabilities become employed and self-sufficient. An on-site MRS rehabilitation counselor will provide information and do an assessment to determine your eligibility for the program. Examples of MRS services include skills training, job placement, job coaching, assistive technology and transportation.

Wheelchair & Adaptive Sports

Have a competitive streak, or do you just want to be more active after your amputation recovery? There are a wealth of athletic activities offered through our Wheelchair & Adaptive Sports program. In addition to competitive and recreational teams for wheelchair tennis, basketball, rugby, goalball, softball and other sports, we also offer clinics throughout the year so you can explore activities such as archery, canoeing/kayaking, downhill skiing, golf, rock climbing, sailing, scuba diving and water skiing.

Frequently Asked Questions