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Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Clinic

Faces of Rehabilitation
Get back to what you love.

Peggy Maniates’ passion is to honor the veterans of World War II through preservation of the USS Silversides. Our passion is to help people like Peggy return to the things they value most.

Peggy's Story

Peggy Maniates climbs ladder inside USS Silversides submarine
Join our team.

Mary Free Bed is hiring nursing staff and also adding to our clinical and non-clinical teams!

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Nursing Staff
Need Rehabilitation?
Ask for Mary.

Successful rehabilitation is more than just therapy. It’s a combination of science-driven expertise, technology, teamwork and encouragement.

You have the right to choose where you receive rehabilitation. An injury is life-changing, but it doesn't have to change who you are.
Hailey's Story

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"I think she’ll become a good doctor.”
- Dr. Sam Ho
Hailey Naugle with Dr. Ho
Mary Free Bits
Something hurt?

We created a series of short videos to help improve your back and neck pain right in your home. Our clinicians share simple exercises and body mechanics tips.

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New collaboration is key for kids

A pediatric ventilator program established with Spectrum Health helps kids like Lyli Shults have better recoveries.

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"This really helps the patient not miss so much therapy."
- Dr. Douglas Henry
Lyli Shults with her physical therapist
We're opening doors to care in Chicago

Sinai Chicago’s Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital has joined forces with Mary Free Bed “so more patients will have brighter futures following injuries and illnesses.”

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Schwab Rehabilitation in Chicago
State-of-the-Heart Rehabilitation
Count on us.

When your life has been interrupted, the future can look bleak.
We know when to encourage, when to push and when to hug.
Olivia's Story

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"My whole recovery would have looked so different without Mary Free Bed … each person made a difference.”
- Olivia Ancil, Brain Injury Program graduate
Inpatient Olivia Ancil Pt Sean Murphy
Mary Free Bed Kids
We restore hope and smiles.

Mary Free Bed Kids provides Michigan’s most comprehensive pediatric rehabilitation services.

When you entrust us with the most important person in the world — your child — we’re honored, humbled and hopeful.

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Kids Therapy Playground
Recovering from COVID-19?
Breathe easier.

Our ReCOVery℠ Program has the specialized tools you need to get better faster.

Inpatient rehabilitation helps you recover after prolonged hospitalization. Challenged by long-haul symptoms? Our outpatient program may be just what you need.
COVID-19 Rehabilitation

Lawrence Terry - COVID-19 Recovery
Tech Savvy
We know the science of recovery.

From a NASA-developed therapy tool that defies gravity to a robotic exoskeleton that helps patients with spinal cord injuries stand and walk, Mary Free Bed has invested in some of the most advanced rehabilitative technology available.

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Matt Chaffee on FES Cycle
In Pain?
It doesn't hurt to ask for Mary.

Back pain is one of the most common conditions we treat at Mary Free Bed.

We help hundreds of people every year get back to enjoying life - without surgery.

Spine Center

Scoliosis Therapy
Faces of Rehabilitation
'I'd advise anybody to reach out to Mary Free Bed.'

When COVID-19 hit Kevin Howell, the symptoms just wouldn't go away. He battled the virus at home, suffering from fatigue, sleeplessness and anxiety.

Finally, he came to Mary Free Bed for help, and he got it.

Meet Kevin
Kevin Howell in AlterG
Why Mary Free Bed?
We've been restoring hope and freedom for 130 years.

The largest non-profit rehabilitation system in the country, Mary Free Bed offers a full range of resources for a short course of treatment or a lifetime of care.

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US News and World Report badge
We’re proud to be recognized as one of the nation’s best rehabilitation providers.
Mary Free Bed Kids has the only dedicated and secure inpatient unit for children in the state of Michigan.
Mary Free Bed consistently ranks in the top 10% in the nation for overall inpatient satisfaction.
Mary Free Bed is accredited by CARF, an international organization that reinforces rehabilitation standards.
Dr. Wang with patient
We served 68,439 patients throughout the Mary Free Bed system of care in Fiscal Year 2021.
Mary Free Bed Guild Photo BW
We’re honored to be celebrating our 130th anniversary in 2021.
Need Rehabilitation? Ask for Mary.