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We work with you to match our specialty therapy services with your preferences and needs for a successful recovery.

Ask for a referral or call us directly: 616.840.8790.

Assistive Technology

If you have limited ability to communicate or interact, you may benefit from electronic aids to daily living and/or an augmentative communication device, which is a system (other than writing) that allows an individual to make thoughts and needs known. Assistive technology ranges from low-tech picture boards to high-tech, computer-based systems.

Additionally, our rehab technology therapists can help you with computer access by adapting or customizing your existing computer equipment. If you have limited hand function or fine motor skills, therapists can help identify devices that may allow enhanced independence at home, school or work. These include emergency call devices, door opening systems, switch-operated phones, remote-control lights or fans and remote-control audio systems. They may operate by infrared signals, radio frequency, WiFi or voice control.

Driver Rehabilitation

Our Driver Rehabilitation Program restores independence by putting you back in the driver’s seat. Driver rehab professionals:

• Assist with transportation evaluations and recommendations for car, truck or van modifications
• Identify specific adaptations such as hand controls, seat modifications, lifts or ramps
• Assess your driving skills
• Provide on-the-road driver education and training

Home Evaluations

As you’re getting ready to go back home, we want to make sure it’s safe and convenient. Your occupational and physical therapists will either do an on-site evaluation or review your floor plans to see if you need any modifications such as wider doors or ramps.


Orthotic Seating, Equipment, and Assistive Technology (OrthoSEAT) provides high-quality, therapeutically correct wheelchair seating and other custom assistive devices. These customizations are intended to increase your functionality and improve your comfort. For example, computerized pressure mapping may be used to assist in cushion selection or decisions related to pressure sore prevention and treatment. Your wheelchair seating solutions may incorporate commercially available components or custom designed modifications.

Therapy Pool

Water therapy in our therapy pool is ideal for many reasons – the warm temperature combined with the buoyancy provided by the water decreases gravitational forces on your body so you can move easier, it helps muscles relax so you can experience greater range of motion and it increases circulation. The pool is also a safe environment to work on increasing muscle strength and flexibility and performing tasks, such as standing or ambulation that may not yet be possible to do on land. Our recreation therapists are also able to provide swim evaluations and teach water safety and adapted swimming techniques.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation services are designed to help you successfully return to employment after an extended absence due to injury. We collaborate with Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS), which helps individuals with disabilities achieve employment and self-sufficiency. An MRS rehabilitation counselor is available on-site to provide information and determine your eligibility. Examples of services provided include skills training, job placement, job coaching, assistive technology and transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions