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When you choose to make a philanthropic investment with us, you’re giving the gift of independence to countless hopeful patients – not just from our local community, but from far and wide. Your support fuels innovative therapy programs, groundbreaking technology and capital improvements – allowing Mary Free Bed to set the gold standard for healing and transformation. Thank you for your support.


 Your gift changes lives.

Mary’s Mission

We have the great privilege of helping patients and families re-build their lives by providing comprehensive, expert care for children and adults recovering from serious injury or illness. Miraculous things happen when specialized physicians, devoted therapists and dedicated nurses connect with patients determined to create better futures.

Your generosity provides vital financial support for programs, services and state-of-the-art equipment and technology that helps us restore independence to thousands of children and adults.

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Betty Bloomer Ford Cancer Rehabilitation Program

Intense rehabilitation before, during and after cancer treatment is shown to lead to faster and better patient outcomes. The Betty Bloomer Ford Cancer Rehabilitation Program focuses on helping people optimize their functionality, well-being and quality of life throughout their survivorship journey.

Our team of specialists helps patients manage the impact of cancer and its treatment with a personalized plan and resources for living as fully as possible. Your donation helps our team implement the latest evidence-based clinical strategies and cutting-edge clinical research to provide the most comprehensive cancer rehabilitation services available.

The Betty Bloomer Ford Cancer Rehabilitation Program is the first designated cancer rehabilitation program in West Michigan.

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Full Peds Ahead – An Initiative for Mary Free Bed Kids

Every child deserves access to quality services, and we’re committed to making that happen. Full Peds Ahead is focused on transforming rehabilitation for kids by providing them with access to the best possible care. Your donation supports services in our Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Chronic Pain and Early Development Rehabilitation programs for children. Interdisciplinary teams work with each child and their family to create an individualized treatment plan that’s right for them.


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Patient Assistance Fund

The Patient Assistance Fund offers patients charitable care to help them achieve the best possible outcome. Gifts directed to this fund provide adaptive equipment, ramps for home accessibility, extended services, caregiver training, travel arrangements, interpretation services and support to meet transitional financial emergencies.

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Wheelchair and Adaptive Sports

Our Wheelchair & Adaptive Sports program is one of the largest of its kind in the country. An essential element of Mary Free Bed’s continuum of care, the Wheelchair & Adaptive Sports program serves more than 2,300 adults and children annually through competitive teams, clinics, classes and events.

Adaptive sports equipment is expensive. The cost for uniforms, transportation and tournament fees for travel-team athletes can be a barrier to participation. We’re thankful to the generous individuals, businesses and foundations who provide 95% of much-needed funding for Wheelchair & Adaptive Sports and are appreciative of your continued support.

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The gift of healing.

Generous donors like you play a critical role in serving more patients and achieving extraordinary outcomes. Every donation we receive is a lifeline, a key to restoring hope, and an investment in brighter futures for everyone we touch.

Your support is directed solely to hospital programs and services that depend on your gifts.

For additional funding opportunities, please contact us.

Every donation makes a difference. Thank you!

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