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Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine that affects an estimated seven million people in the United States, according to the National Scoliosis Foundation. While common in children with congenital and neuromuscular diseases, scoliosis is most prevalent in seemingly healthy children and has no known cause. Early detection and proper treatment are key to stopping this potentially debilitating condition. 

Mary Free Bed Kids has physical therapists certified to provide the Schroth Method to correct adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. Widely used in Europe for decades, the proactive, non-surgical approach corrects spinal abnormalities to a more natural position and prevents scoliosis from progressing. 

Scoliosis Therapy

The Schroth Method of physical therapy is customized to each patient’s unique curvature of the spine: 

  • The frequency and duration of your child’s treatment are tailored to his or her specific needs. 
  • The three-dimensional exercise approach includes physical therapy, corrective breathing techniques and postural awareness. 


Mary Free Bed Kids outpatient services have a therapy gym equipped with specialized tools to facilitate Schroth exercises, including stall bars to elongate the spine and mirrors for visual feedback. 

We also provide customized bracing options to hold the spine in a corrective position to prevent progression. We work closely with your physician to determine the best course of care. 

Depending on your child’s age, degree of curve and bone maturity, customized orthotic bracing may also be recommended to manage scoliosis. 

Mary Free Bed’s Orthotics & Prosthetics + Bionics professionals are well-versed in fitting patients with custom scoliosis braces to achieve the most function, independence and mobility. 


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Scoliosis Therapy


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