Day Rehab

Therapy that works for kids. 

Mary Free Bed Kids offers coordinated outpatient rehabilitation appointments, back-to-back on the same day, for kids who need intensive, frequent therapies. This can make it easier for everyone involved. 

Your child’s individualized rehabilitation begins with an assessment of strengths and abilities that will help determine areas for improvement. You and your child will play an integral role in helping to set goals and coordinating a plan of action to support them. 

Here’s what makes our program unique: 

  • Therapy is provided at high frequency: Two to three hours a day, three to five days per week. (Don’t worry, we’re experts at disguising therapy as play.) 
  • Your child’s plan of care is individually tailored to best meet her or his needs and goals. It may include physical, occupational, speech-language and recreational therapies. 
  • We know that specialization, experience and familiarity benefit your child. That’s why they’ll have the same team throughout the program. 
  • Sessions are held in our kid-customized, safe and secure space. 
  • The primary therapist from each discipline on your team will attend a weekly team conference, ensuring that everyone involved can collaborate as effectively and efficiently as possible. 
  • We’ll help support a successful transition back to school and community and, when your child is ready, to less intensive outpatient therapy. 

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