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Our youngest patients have most of the same diagnoses we see in adults: amputations, brain injuries, burns, cancer, strokes, spinal cord injuries and other complex medical and congenital conditions that require intensive rehabilitation.

Mary Free Bed Kids is certified by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, meaning we meet high standards for family centered, developmentally appropriate care.  Our Grand Rapids campus is home to the only secure-access inpatient rehabilitation unit for kids in Michigan. It’s a friendly and safe space to heal. 


Doctors, nurses and therapists are focused on pediatric care. And our therapy gyms and rehabilitation technology were designed with our youngest patients in mind.  


We build close and personal connections with our patients and their families. These connections are important to successful rehabilitation. 

Inpatient Kids


Kids are unique. Their recoveries are, too.

There’s no one-size-fits-all to rehabilitation. Your child’s therapy plan and recovery may be different from another’s, even though their challenges may be similar.

A pediatric physiatrist will evaluate your child and develop an individualized treatment plan that will include a minimum of three hours of intensive therapy during the day. There will also be time for meals, visits with family and hangouts with other kids.

What can your child expect during a Mary Free Bed Kids inpatient stay?

  • Bright and cheerful social spaces designed to help kids connect
  • On-site educational support from a certified teacher
  • iPads, Wii Rehabilitation and laptops
  • Equipment and games for all ages and developmental levels.
Dr. Ho with Hailey Naugle

And here’s what’s in store for you:

  • A safe, secure and structured environment filled with love
  • Families in similar situations. Their support and insight can be a blessing.
  • An open door for your pediatrician to participate in rehabilitation care and planning
  • A variety of lodging options, including rooming with your child or staying on campus at our Inn. A nearby Ronald McDonald House provides rooms and free shuttle service for families of hospitalized children.


When your child graduates from inpatient care, we offer outpatient programs and services, too.

For inpatient program questions and referral information, including at our Network locations, call 616.840.8000 or 800.528.8989, or email

Laney Perdue, plane crash survivor, in physical therapy