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Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital
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Mary Free Bed - Kids

Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
We have a heart for kids.

At its core, rehabilitation is transformational. Our youngest patients use rehabilitation as a springboard to the brightest of futures. But a rehabilitation hospital is not just about transforming the lives of patients - it's also about supporting families, strengthening communities and changing global mindsets. This opportunity to impact change will span generations.

Dr. Voss in Early Development program

Our Challenge

Since 2016, the number of patients we’ve treated across Michigan has increased more than 73%. Some days we have more inpatients than we have pediatric beds in our Grand Rapids program. Our outpatient gyms are bursting at the seams. We’re safely maneuvering during high-census situations, but these formerly unusual times are far too common.

Our Solution

A free-standing hospital dedicated exclusively to children’s rehabilitation will help us catch up with demand, increase access to care and enhance our care delivery. Part of a joint operating agreement, we’ll collaborate with clinicians from Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. So far, we’ve received $10 million dollars from the state and have funding requests out to the county and federal government. The project will be a shared public-private partnership.

Investing in Lifetimes and Livelihoods

Mary Free Bed Kids and Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital share a vision that elevates and expands levels of care for Michigan’s kids. It’s a collaboration that benefits everyone and aims to create:

  1. A culture of shared values and medical excellence
  2. Highly specialized, integrated rehabilitation programs with teams spanning both hospitals
  3. Coordinated care that gets kids the treatment they need, when they need it
  4. Proximity that leads to more convenient and cost-effective care
  5. Expanded access to exceptional pediatric specialty rehabilitation
  6. Clear communication channels for a more efficient and streamlined patient experience
  7. A partnership that educates and inspires the next generation of health care providers
  8. Collaboration to expand research, medical education and clinical services

More Kids Served

Calendar Year 2021 Across Michigan

  • 7.5K

    kids treated

  • 4.4K

    inpatient days

  • 47K

    outpatient visits

Projection: CY 2022
8.7K children treated by Mary Free Bed Kids

Projection: New Hospital
20% more patients served by third year of operation

Serving Kids Sooner

Cerebral palsy is the most common childhood motor disability, and it’s been historically difficult to detect in babies. We’re working to change that. Early detection with advanced technology can dramatically reduce the negative impact CP has on children, their families and the lifelong cost of care. Learn how our teams are tackling treatment.

Caring for the Mind, Body and Heart

Our purpose is to help kids move better, think better and feel better. Rehabilitation includes the entire child, and mental health is an important aspect of recovery. Individualized therapy programs include counseling and guidance for patients and their families. Learn more about our mental health services.

Pediatric Cerebral Palsy Assessment GMA

Hope for the Future

As we treat conditions, we also focus on their future impact. Medical costs for kids with cerebral palsy run about 10 times higher than for children without it. Dr. Lisa Voss discusses how early diagnosis improves lives today and tomorrow while reducing health care costs.

High-tech, Interdisciplinary Teams

Learn how innovative technology - led by a seamless collaboration of experts - has helped Taggart VanderMolen, who has cerebral palsy, achieve his goals for 15 years and counting.

Specialty Programs.
Innovative Care.

Our Chronic Pain program helps kids like Selena return to normal activities, such as attending school, playing sports, and being active in the community. Research shows about 30% of children ages 10-18 experience pain that lasts three months or longer.

Exceptional Outcomes for Complex Conditions

Trauma is the top diagnosis in the Mary Free Bed Kids inpatient program. Meet the Shaffers, and learn how their community came together, while a brotherly bond grew stronger during a lengthy recovery.

Designed with intention.
Built with Love.

There's a sense of escape and wonder that only a treehouse can bring. It's a hideaway packed with hope and freedom.

How do we make that true for all kids? We're knocking on wood and leaning into magic ...

100% Kids

Our youngest patients won’t be focusing on the significance of this building. They don’t need to know it’s the first of its kind in Michigan or that it’s the ninth free-standing children’s rehabilitation hospital in the United States. All they need to know is they get better here. Can be themselves here. And feel loved here. It’s a place of transformational healing and building better futures.

Take a closer look at our project and its positive impact.

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