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Kids Rehabilitation - Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

Mary Free Bed - Kids


Through our collaborative and inclusive design process, we'll develop an inspiring space that stimulates wonder and reflection, features nature with whimsical elements, and invites clinicians to deliver state-of-the-art compassionate, interdisciplinary rehabilitation care resulting in top outcomes recognized throughout the region and the world.

Growth Spurt

The Mary Free Bed Kids Program is a statewide resource. From calendar year 2016 through 2022, we treated 34,564 individual inpatients and outpatients in the Mary Free Bed system and cared for an additional 1,153 out-of-state kids. During CY 2021, 57% of all the children in Michigan who needed inpatient rehabilitation were treated at Mary Free Bed Kids in Grand Rapids.


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Getting to the
Heart of the Matter

In partnership with Corewell Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, we’re constructing a freestanding hospital designed and dedicated to children’s rehabilitation. We’ll double the number of inpatient beds and see a 20% increase in outpatient visits to serve an additional 2,000-2,500 kids each year. That’s an annual total of 8,500-9,000 unique infants, children and teens.

Designing for the Future 

Pure Architects, the firm selected to design the hospital, believes “every project, every building makes an impact beyond its walls.” The Grand Rapids-based firm is devoted to designing human-centered spaces and places that uplift our community and positively impact our environment. We’re proud to partner with a purpose-driven team committed to building a just and equitable world for future generations. 


2023 Q2 – Q4 | Design and preconstruction
Spring 2024 | Groundbreaking
2024 – 2026 | Construction
2026 – Q4 | Completion

Exterior of New Children's Rehabilitation Hospital
Conceptual rendering of Joan Secchia Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital I Courtesy Pure Architects

Futures on the Drawing Boards

Building Profile


  1. Multiple specialized therapy gyms
  2. Lab space
  3. Private treatment and exam rooms
  4. Cafe with adult and kid-friendly menus
  5. Consultation rooms for medical teams to meet with parents


  1. 24 private rooms with space for parents to stay overnight
  2. All rooms with ventilator capability
  3. Multiple specialized therapy gyms
  4. Home-like areas where children practice everyday tasks
Distinctive Spaces
Indoor and outdoor recreation areas for all age groups
Sophisticated technology
fit for kids
Orthotics & Prosthetics + Bionics
Certified teacher classroom so kids keep up with their studies

Dollars & Sense

The $60M project is a public-private fundraising partnership. Joan Secchia Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital will be the first of its kind in Michigan and the ninth in the nation, enabling clinicians to more closely collaborateGetting kids into therapy as quickly as possible after an illness, injury or other diagnosis, results in better outcomes. And, better outcomes result in more independence and a need for fewer health care services. Interested in donating? Contact

Rehabilitation Trilogy

Transformational rehabilitation helps kids move better, think better and feel better – about themselves and their condition. Mental health is an important component of our services, which include counseling and guidance for patients and their families.


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The proof is in their stories.

Let’s eat!

Learn how therapists use neuromuscular electrical stimulation to help babies swallow successfully in the Mary Free Bed Feeding Program.

Sam Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery -Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation Team at Mary Free Bed

Courage, Faith & Perseverance

In September, 16-year-old Sam Smalldon was airlifted to Corewell Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital after a car crash. Sam suffered serious injuries – including multiple skull fractures, broken bones and a severe traumatic brain injury (or TBI). He found his village of support at Mary Free Bed Kids.

The Chronic Pain Program Helps Selena Find Relief

The innovative program blends medical and behavioral rehabilitation to significantly improve and manage symptoms – so kids like Selena with chronic pain can enjoy being kids.

The Art & Science of Orthotics

Lawston’s parents turned to the Mary Free Bed Orthotics & Prosthetics + Bionics team for a custom omphalocele compression brace that also addresses his scoliosis. After one month, he’s already seeing great progress.

Designed with intention.
Built with love.

There's a sense of escape and wonder that only a treehouse can bring. It's a hideaway packed with hope and freedom.

How do we make that true for all kids? We're knocking on wood and leaning into magic ...

A World of Professional Embraces

Love and hope with a side helping of courage are essential when confronting the uncertainties of illness, the unexpected trauma of injuries and the challenges that come with many other childhood conditions. We treat with our hands and heal with our hearts… and we have huge hearts for kids.

 Take a closer look at our project and the possibilities that abound.


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