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Below are questions we often hear from patients and their families. We're happy to tell you more about Mary Free Bed and what to expect from the Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program.

Ask for a referral or call us directly: 616.840.8790.

What is the Orthopedic Program?

The Orthopedic Program is designed to give you the best rehabilitation if you’ve had a joint replacement or experienced a fracture. Our rehabilitation experts are prepared to help you, whether you’re recovering from hip surgery or total knee replacement or have recently suffered an injury.

What kind of therapy will I receive from the program?

You’ll receive physical therapy to help regain muscle strength, flexibility and range of motion. You will receive occupational therapy to help you readjust and readapt to daily activities, like grocery shopping or getting dressed. Your treatment may also include psychological or recreational therapy. It all depends on what your team identifies as being most beneficial for your positive outcome.

What factors are considered when admitting me to the program?

To come to Mary Free Bed, you must be medically stable at the time of your transfer. Your doctors must also believe there is potential for rehabilitation and that you’ll be able to participate in at least three hours of therapy each day. We also require that you have the potential to return to your home or a home-like setting.

An admissions coordinator can help you determine if you’re eligible to come as an inpatient at Mary Free Bed. They’ll handle all aspects of your admission, from analyzing your insurance coverage to ensuring you meet all of the criteria for becoming a patient.

What will I do for rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is more than just being in our rehab gym. Your rehabilitation could include self care activities, recreation activates, activities that deal with daily routine (grocery store, getting in and out of car, moving in your house) and more. Your therapy plan is unique to you.