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The pediatric rehabilitation specialists at Mary Free Bed Kids can put your son or daughter on the path to recovery with compassion and expert care.

Mary Free Bed is one of the only inpatient rehabilitation hospitals in Michigan with a unit just for children and teens. Our pediatric therapy gyms and rehabilitation technology were designed with our youngest patients in mind. Our doctors, nurses and therapists are focused on pediatric care and treat young people who have experienced:

Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital - little girl with blond ponytail and tie-dyed t-shirt sitting in a black wheelchair and playing with bubbles. To the right is a female physician with short brown hair and a tie-dyed lab coat. Both are smiling.

• Brain injury, brain-related illnesses and concussion
• Cancer
• Neurological conditions
• Stroke
• Spinal cord injury
• Amputation
• Fractures
• Chronic pain conditions
• Surgery
• Burns
• Other debilitating illnesses and injuries

Amid the comprehensive therapies and treatment, we build close and personal connections with our patients and their families. These connections are important to successful rehabilitation.

Your child’s rehabilitation experience

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer or outcome. Your child’s therapy plan and pace of recovery may be different from another child’s, even though their challenges may be similar.

Here are a few things you can expect while your child is an inpatient at Mary Free Bed Kids:

Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation - a young female patient wearing an orange T-shirt and orange headband sits between two women nurses wearing blue scrubs. All are smiling, and are seated in the patient's room. A board game is on the table in front of them.

• Bright and cheerful social spaces and playrooms where young patients can meet and connect with others their own age
• Equipment and games for all ages and developmental levels
• iPads, Wii Rehabilitation and laptops to appeal to the curious and tech savvy
• On-site educational support available through a certified Grand Rapids Public School teacher
• An environment that welcomes your child’s pediatrician to participate in rehabilitation care and planning
• A variety of comfortable and affordable lodging options, including rooming with your child or staying on campus in the Inn at Mary Free Bed. The nearby Ronald McDonald House of Western Michigan also provides rooms and free shuttle service for families of hospitalized children

Children need rest and quiet time. We offer a safe, secure and structured environment with plenty of support and compassion, for your child and your entire family. Mary Free Bed Kids is filled with families who are going through similar situations. Their support and insight can be a blessing.

Our team is inspired by the grit and determination of our young patients. Our mission is to help them and their families find hope and freedom through rehabilitation.

Why Mary Free Bed Kids?

Improving the quality of life for children and teens has been an important part of Mary Free Bed’s mission for more than a century. Last year, we treated 165 children of all ages in our inpatient program, and more than the national average were able to return to their home or community setting. Patients gained more functional improvement than the national average, and patient satisfaction scored in the 94th percentile. Click here for outcomes information.

Here are a few reasons why families choose Mary Free Bed Kids for pediatric rehabilitation:

  • Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital - Smiling little boy playing air hockey on a blue table. He is sitting in a wheelchair in a cheerful hospital playroom. Our team includes doctors who specialize in pediatric rehabilitation, nurses and therapists who focus solely on treating children and a certified child life specialist, making Mary Free Bed the only hospital in Michigan to offer this level of rehabilitative care for children and teens.
  • We have fun! Kids are more likely to participate in therapy – and will be more successful – if they enjoy it. Our creative staff is great at using interactive games and other means to captivate and motivate your child.
  • We consistently exceed national standards for the improvements our patients make in physical mobility and function.
  • The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) International has endorsed us with Pediatric Specialty Accreditation, which means we set and meet high standards for family-centered, developmentally appropriate pediatric patient care and satisfaction.

Even after your child “graduates” from our inpatient rehabilitation hospital, we will be here to help you through the remainder of the rehabilitation process with outpatient therapyhome or community-based therapyorthoticsprostheticswheelchair seating, aquatic therapy, driver educationadaptive sports and many other services.

Ask for a referral or call us directly: 616.840.8790

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