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Back in the Swing of Things – Update on Ozzie Koroma

After a fateful night in March that landed him at Mary Free Bed – and in the headlines – 24-year-old Osman Koroma is back at work and looking forward to returning to Grand Rapids Community College this fall. “Ozzie,” who lost his sight due to cataracts at the age of 14, was hit by a car on March 19. His guide dog, Gala, was killed in the accident but likely saved her owner’s life.

Ozzie suffered a brain injury and a broken leg and spent more than a week in an intensive care unit before coming to Mary Free Bed. Since he became a Mary Free Bed graduate in late April, Ozzie has been receiving physical, occupational and recreation therapy through Mary Free Bed’s Home and Community Services program.

He recently was cleared to begin putting weight on his healing leg and hopes to ditch his walker sometime soon. “I’m back in the swing of things,” he said from his office at Opportunities Unlimited for the Blind, where he works as assistant camp director and media specialist.

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