Community Health Needs Assessment

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital encourages patients and community members to participate in VoiceKent, a survey about our community health offerings and needs, offered by the Johnson Center for Philanthropy and Kent County Health Department. The goal is to provide objective data to residents, nonprofit organizations and other decision makers to assist in improving the overall health of our community. Please click here for details and to take the survey.

In an effort to align hospital services with the needs of our community, leaders from Mary Free Bed have analyzed secondary health assessment research conducted by local, state and federal agencies. The goal of this analysis was to ensure essential health needs of our community are being addressed by services available across the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Network.

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital intends to use this Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) to address the needs of our community at large to implement necessary and productive community-based programs. The results of this assessment are being used to advance community health to:

1. Increase access to needed health and rehabilitation services
2. Support community needs through Mary Free Bed community partnerships
3. Continue to assess and evaluate hospital services
4. Ensure a competent, more productive workforce

Furthermore, this assessment will be used to support efforts of Mary Free Bed leadership to identify areas where specific strategies and objectives of the organization can be optimized to meet the needs of our community served.

Mary Free Bed Community Served
Consistent with the mission of Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital’s Universal Access — and Kent County-identified population demographics and communities served — with special attention focusing on serving those at-risk populations with disabilities and impairments, this community includes, but is not limited to:
■ Patients (including vulnerable populations i.e, indigent, under-insured, non-insured, children and older adults)
■ Community partners (including referring physicians, partner organizations)
■ Residents of the communities served (Kent County, other statewide locations)
■ Employees and their dependents
■ Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital Board of Directors and the Mary Free Bed Guild

Mary Free Bed CHNA Implementation Plan
Mary Free Bed will formulate strategies for the Implementation Plan to fulfill unmet needs and outline, in detail, specific goals, steps and outcomes to be taken and documented. To remain consistent with Mary Free Bed’s mission, disability is the primary focus of the Implementation Plan (IP) strategies.

Implementation Plan Strategies
The Board of Trustees and Senior Management of Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital have identified the following community health needs, through the CHNA process, that will be addressed and prioritized in the Implementation Plan:
■ Disability
■ Access to care
■ Competent workforce

Other Needs Not Addressed
Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital’s Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan will address the 3 aforementioned community identified health needs. While the CHNA and IP focus on hospital resources that strengthen these 3 areas of community needs, it is important to recognize that these are not the only needs being addressed by the hospital. The Mary Free Bed IP will not address certain community needs identified by the Kent County CHNA, such as substance abuse or violence and safety. While Mary Free Bed has an obligation to assess patients for these concerns, other community organization are better able to allocate resources to these needs.

Monitoring and Reporting
Mary Free Bed has identified individuals within the organization who will be accountable for each strategy. In addition, a workgroup has been established to identify metrics of measurement for each outcome. Systems and processes are being put into place to obtain specific measures and track each health need. These measures will be collected annually and results submitted to the Board and community. Upon review, adjustments or changes will be made to the strategies and measurable outcomes as deemed appropriate or necessary.

Questions about or input towards the 2016-2018 MFB Community Health Needs Assessment or Implementation Plan may be directed to Jeannette Pollatz, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital at

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