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Brain Injury Patient Plans to Return to Mary Free Bed as Volunteer

  Diane Kimoto, a Grand Valley State University professor, suffered a brain aneurysm while teaching class on September 17, 2012. While she doesn’t remember much of the events that brought her to the Brain Injury Program at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, she remembers the moment when she became herself again. Diane was so overwhelmed…
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Mary Free Bed Patient of 57 Years Shares Story of Hope and Recovery

  For nearly six decades, long-time patient, Randy Syswerda, has come to Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital for treatment. At 4 years old, a case of encephalitis robbed Randy of his ability to walk. He spent 6 months in our inpatient program, and left the hospital able to walk with braces. Randy has returned to Mary Free…
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Patient with brain injury keeps faith and restores independence

In 2007, David Ling was stung by a bee for the first time in his life. Within minutes, he displayed one of the classic symptoms of an allergic reaction – difficulty breathing – and was soon diagnosed with an allergy to bee stings. But, he never realized just how serious his allergy was until July…
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A Walking Miracle – And Inspiration For All

At first, the morning of April 10, 2012 appeared to be much like any other for Tammy Gould. Her 10-year-old son, Benjamin, had school in less than an hour, and she had to ensure he was ready for the day. After packing his lunch and preparing breakfast, she walked upstairs to wake him up. But,…
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Teen With Brain Injury Surprised at Rehabilitation Possibilities

While Josh Franklin reports Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital therapists went the extra mile when it came to rehabilitation, he, too, put in a lot of hard work to regain function. After undergoing brain surgery, Josh was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a disorder characterized by ascending paralysis.

Feels like home: Ohio family chooses Mary Free Bed for pediatric rehab

On February 5, Donnie and Jill Acuff’s 5-year-old son, Reese, was in a snowmobiling accident that resulted in a brain injury. After 5 brutal days, Donnie and Jill were told that Reese would live, but he was sedated to protect his brain. The doctors stressed how critical rehabilitation would be in Reese’s recovery, but Reese…
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Former Mary Free Bed Patient Returns as Volunteer

What occurred the night of Christmas 1990 was the last thing Al Bober anticipated. Instead of relaxing at his father’s Chicago home with his family, Al collapsed by a gas pump with a leaking brain aneurysm and immense head pain. “It was like somebody hit me with a sledgehammer,” Al said. He laid in the…
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A New Perspective on Life After Brain Injury

Jon is not the same person he was before the accident. According to his wife, he’s much milder and nicer. He appreciates his friends and family differently, and makes sure to say “I love you”. Many people who are told they weren’t expected to live tend to have at this new kind of perspective on…
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Dad Shares Daughter’s Journey after Traumatic Brain Injury

Jim Johnson shares his daughter’s on-going journey after suffering a traumatic brain injury. This is her story. There are two things that are critically important to Erin Johnson: music and being among friends. She enjoyed playing violin and clarinet and listening to popular music. Erin went to shows whenever she could. Being with her friends…
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