Onward. And upward. The Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital Construction Blog Our new facility has 6 stories.  Our history has thousands.
25Oct 2013

Kent Riddle, Mary Free Bed CEO, talks about the construction project on eightWest

Watch Kent Riddle's interview on eightWest explaining the hospital's response to patient demand, what's been happening, and what's ahead.

Watch eightWest interview >

16Oct 2013

September aerial photos of Mary Free Bed's construction site

Enjoy these aerial photos of the Mary Free Bed construction site taken on September 28, 2013. Visit recent images to view more.

september 2013 aerial photo of Mary Free Bed construction

Photos courtesy of John L. Wagner.

10Oct 2013

Renovation Update

The renovation design has begun on existing buildings.

Here’s the renovation breakdown for future use:

Main Building:

  • 1st floor -  outpatient therapy, medical clinic, the Motion Analysis Center,  pool and psychology.
  • 2nd floor - Offstage area for staff. This floor will include staff work areas, management office space, staff fitness area, lactation rooms, support services and Medical Group offices. The west end of 2nd floor will include recreation therapy, wheelchair and adaptive sports, Airway Oxygen, and the main equipment storage space.
  • 3rd floor - Inpatient rooms for a secure Pediatrics unit & general rehab rooms.

Professional Building

  • Includes executive administration, marketing, fund development, IT, finance, health information management, business development, human resources, network development, plant services, and the conference center.

Jefferson Building

  • This space will be primarily for the new combined O&P Fabrication Lab.
  • The West Mezzanine will be a long-term storage space for non-O&P departments.

Mary Ives Hunting Center:

  •  This will continue to house the Mary Free Bed Inn on the 4th floor.
  • Renovation design to begin soon on the future 3rd floor (currently prosthetics).
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