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Spine Center

Let’s bring you back from back pain.

Back pain can sideline anyone, from professional athletes and weekend warriors to officer workers or active grandparents. The Spine Center at Mary Free Bed can help manage your spine and orthopedic issues, whether your pain is new or ongoing. 

Millions of people suffer from back pain. For some, the pain may be mild and easily manageable. Others may experience severe and debilitating symptoms that prevent them from engaging in everyday activities or spending time with family. No matter your symptoms, the multidisciplinary team at Mary Free Bed is here to restore your spinal and musculoskeletal health through rehabilitation. 

Our goal is your goal: to get you back to enjoying life and the activities you love. 

Outpatient Therapy

Your Team 

At Mary Free Bed, we’ll work with you to create a treatment plan that will restore maximum function and reduce pain without surgical intervention. Our integrated, patient-centered approach to care is dedicated to treating the whole person. 

Through the course of your rehabilitation, you’ll work with a team of specially trained clinicians. Your physiatrist – a physician who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation – will work with you to manage your rehabilitation plan, focusing on treatment and prevention. We also have a nurse practitioner with extensive experience in spine and musculoskeletal issues. 

Other team members include: 

  • A physical therapist to treat your injury and show you lifestyle changes that will promote long-term spine health. 
  • An occupational therapist to provide ergonomic recommendations at home and work to protect your spine. 
  • A pain psychologist to help you understand and cope with any emotional or behavioral responses to your pain.  
Spine Center


Our clinicians will listen carefully to your needs and talk to you about innovative treatment options. We offer a full spectrum of diagnostics and treatments that don’t involve surgery. Together, you’ll establish a plan that may include: 

  • McKenzie Method physical therapy examination and treatment 
  • Electrodiagnostics (EMG) to test nerve and muscle function 
  • Fluoroscopically guided injection or Ultrasound-guided injection 
  • Epidural steroid injection 
  • Facet injection 
  • Joint injection 
  • Trigger point injection 
  • Nerve block 
  • Radiofrequency ablation 
  • Manual therapy 
  • Pain psychology 
  • Referral to a highly recommended specialist, when appropriate 
Spine Center


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Mary Free Bits

We’ve created some short videos called “Mary Free Bits” to help you manage a number of conditions right in your home, including back and neck pain.

If you have questions or your symptoms don’t improve, we’re here to help. Call 616.840.8005 or find a location near you above.

Mary Free Bits videos do not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and are for educational and informational purposes only. Call your primary care physician for medical advice. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking it because of information contained in these videos.

Back Pain

If you’re suffering from back pain, you’re not alone. While misery may love company, it doesn’t make the pain any better. These Mary Free Bits may do the trick. Our goal is to help you improve your symptoms and get back to your life.





Neck Pain

Head Posture

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