Leadership + Doctors

Administration + Boards

Mary Free Bed leaders are committed to providing the highest level of care possible for our patients. Below are the current rosters:


Chief Executive Officer
Kent Riddle

Chief Operating Officer
Bruce Brasser

Chief Medical Officer
Benjamin Bruinsma, M.D.

Chief Financial Officer
Ryan Podvin

Chief of Staff
Jeffrey Kramer, M.D.

Chief Nursing Officer 
Maria Opoku-Agyeman

Chief Compliance Officer 
Jennifer McWain 

Vice President, Medical Group Operations 
Emily DeFouw 

Vice President, Finance 
Nathan Guzman 

Vice President, Patient Access and Referral Development 
Jeff Munford 

Vice President, Outpatient Services 
Jaime Myers 

Vice President, Advisory Group 
Joyal Pavey 

Vice President, Advancement 
Tim Pietryga 

Vice President, Orthotics & Prosthetics + Bionics 
Scott Riddle 

Vice President, Human Resources 
Cynthia Springer 

Administrator, Sub-Acute Rehabilitation 
Kiersten Cudney 

President & CEO, Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired 
Tim Tuthill 


Board of Trustees

David Muir

Vice Chairperson
Jennifer Taylor

Dan Vaughan

Assistant Treasurer
Sue Kinsler

Amy Abbot
Nancy Albers
Luis Avila
Becky Bechler
Dave Beemer
Kevin Birchmeier
Susan Bloss
Benjamin Bruinsma, M.D.
Pamela Buschle 
Stephen Drew 
Deb Kay
Maureen Kozel
Jeffrey Kramer, M.D. 
Brad Mathis 
Tonja Moyer 
Margaret Nault 
Holly Peterson
Kent Riddle
Wendy Stock
Amy Stuursma
Maryln Walton
Cameron Young

Foundation Board of Trustees

Lee Perez

Vice Chair
Lindsay Benedict

Kent Riddle

Nate Guzman

Timothy J. Pietryga

Timothy D. Arter 
Rev. Katherine Lee Baker 
Anne Chamberlin 
Gregory Conway 
Eva Aguirre Cooper 
Marcus Jackson 
Michael Jakubowski, M.D. 
Jacques Moss 
Amy Stuursma 
Jennifer Taylor 
Diane Vander Maas 
Brent VanHaren 

Senior Administrative Assistant
Kelly Fitzgerald

Learn more about the Foundation. Click here.

Guild Board of Directors

Amy Stuursma 

First Vice President

Second Vice President
Maureen Kozel 

Third Vice President
Elizabeth Chrisopherson 

Sue Kinsler

Assistant Treasurer
Mary Beth Brown 

Recording Secretary
Amy Abbott

Corresponding Secretary
Joan McCrone 

Susan Bloss
Nancy Bush
Sandy Conner
Janet Freund
Maureen Kozel
Judy Palmer  
Susan Porter
Maryln Walton

Learn more about the Guild. Click here.


Mary Free Bed has 300 physicians and advanced practice providers across our system. We also have two dozen psychologists for emotional recovery. Find their bios below.


Our physicians are experts in a range of rehabilitation specialties, steadfast in their determination to restore hope and freedom to adults and children facing challenges both simple and complex. Click here.


Our Psychology service provides care that supports any challenge you’re facing. Click here.