‘Rehabilitationships’ Podcast

What's a "rehabilitationship"?
Simply put, it’s where rehabilitation and
relationships meet.

We set out to discover and share what it really takes to make an extraordinary recovery from an injury or illness, and that’s where the “Rehabilitationships” podcast got its start.

At Mary Free Bed, we know a thing or two about rehabilitation. For over 130 years, we’ve been changing lives and restoring hope and freedom through rehabilitation.

But if you ask our patients, it’s the relationships that set us apart – the connections they’ve made with their therapists, nurses, doctors and everyone who makes a recovery possible. You could say rehabilitation is in our DNA, but relationships are at our heart.

In this podcast, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation brings you real stories of recovery from real patients and real clinicians. Join us each month, when we have conversations with real people, who will share their extraordinary experiences of hope and recovery through rehabilitation.

In each episode, patients are joined by their clinicians as they chronicle their shared journey. You’ll hear about the challenges they faced and the breakthroughs they made together.

Listen to these stories and more on “Rehabilitationships,” wherever you get your podcasts.

The Mary Free Bed Advisory Group also hosts a podcast. “Be Advised” shines a spotlight on the field of medical rehabilitation and why it’s a critical component of health care. Click here to learn more.