Onward. And upward. The Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital Construction Blog Our new facility has 6 stories.  Our history has thousands.
20Aug 2013

Mary Free Bed Construction Timelapse

View the Mary Free Bed construction timelapse since June 27, 2013.

14Aug 2013

Concrete floor is poured and framing continues

The concrete floor is poured for our new first level parking and more framing is going up. View recent images.

Construction continues at Mary Free Bed.

07Aug 2013

Construction and Design Progress Updates

Construction Progress
The construction crews have started pouring the concrete parking slabs, which will be complete in about 3 weeks.

The storm water detention system located along Wealthy Street in the south end of the parking lot continues. Crews found some large rocks that had to be either removed or broken up into smaller pieces. They also found some buried junk that had to be removed. This slowed them down slightly, but the big black tubes are finally beginning to disappear.

Design Progress - Wayfinding
One big problem we’ve heard from patients & visitors is the difficulty in finding their way between buildings. When the building renovations are complete, all
Outpatient Therapy will be located on the first floor of the main building.

The current OTC building will become a staff support space for Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Fund Development, Administration, IT, and others. This building will be referred to as the Professional Building with a lower level, ground floor, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Floors. Along with new signage, we hope these changes make a big difference.

Fun Fact
While you may not think of rebar as fun, here’s a tidbit that makes it a little more interesting: Rebar (short for reinforcing bar) is a common steel bar that is commonly used as a tensioning device to strengthen and hold the concrete in compression.

How much rebar will be in the new Mary Free Bed building? End to end, it will be 96 1/3 miles long! This distance is a little more than the drive from Grand Rapids to Cadillac.

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